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ALL NEW! Sneak Peek for May 2017!

12 May

May 12, 2017


Hello Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride subscribers and those of you who ended up here after a failed google search. Here are some of the stories I optimistically plan for this month. 

First up is a story of religion, popcorn, and what happens when you combine the two. Yes, this really happened to me. (Kinda sorta.)

Next, another story that happened to me. All I did was get into the elevator in my building. I may have gotten on at the fourth floor, but I got off at the Twilight Zone Home for Senior Citizens.

Finally, this is the one headline that I did not make up, and this story THANK GOD did not happen to me.

Yup, that’s from Zimbabwe. You may remember my trilogy about the panty-stealing Zimbabwe goblins. This promises to be just as believable. 

All this and who knows what else, this month at 




January News Roundup

20 Jan

January 20, 2011



Mr. Blog to Mock Headlines Nationwide



Mr. BTR would like to announce that he has been granted funding by Arts Council of England for his performance of “Man who stays home a lot and sleeps late.” This in no way will interfere with his other performances of “Man without a job,” “Man who blogs,” and “Man who laughs all the way to the bank.”

The next in the series of Avex videos is “Buy me a drink,” followed by “Your place or mine,” “I have something to tell you,” and “Doctor’s report.” 



On the one hand we have a woman robbed while on the toilet by a clown, and on the other hand a woman who broke into a house half naked and high. On the whole. which victim would you rather be?




Wouldn’t that church logo make a good t-shirt?

Some fine young parishioners on their way to worship.



I’m sure there are plenty of jokes I could make here, plenty of snotty remarks, a lot of nasty remarks, but I shall refrain. I am a Mets fan. I am in my own kind of sports Hell.

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