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Should I Be Worried About Alec Baldwin?

8 Nov

November 8, 2021

Poor Alec Baldwin. He’s “inconsolable,” he’s “hysterical,” he’s so distraught that he and his family have recently been seen house hunting and drinking expensive latte in Vermont coffee houses. His wife has been so miserable that she has been posting happy family portraits on Instagram of Alec and the kids playing in the snow.

Poor Alec! He must feel so terrible since he, you remember, recklessly killed a woman in cold blood.

Poor poor man! On that movie set, he was handed a gun, and all he did was check to see if it was loaded, no I mean handle it safely with his finger off the trigger, no that’s not right, he aimed a gun at a human being and pulled the trigger. Yeah, I think that’s what I mean.

Oh, sad Alec! I know how horrible this made you feel, and I know how upsetting this must be, and yes, this is all very traumatic for you.

Of course, there’s a dead woman whose family won’t be spending the holidays with her, but hey! Buck up, buddy!

When did Alec Baldwin become a victim and not a victimizer? He’s a Producer on that film. He is one of the people responsible for the overall safety on that set. The buck stops with him. And of course, he carelessly, recklessly, and very, very stupidly aimed the gun at another human being and pulled the trigger. On top of not checking to see if it was loaded. He broke every rule of gun safety and common sense.

But cheer up, pal! The media is rallying around you, Alec! They are printing stories of how this has affected you, of how you are never going to be the same. They are rooting for you, Alec old boy!

Hey, that dead woman will never be the same either, but don’t despair, Alec! Everyone loves you Alec Baldwin!

You goddam asshole.

Should I be worried about Alec Baldwin? Only if he has a gun in his hand.



The Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys: 5 Bad Batman Guns

7 Dec

December 7, 2013

treasure chest logo

Batman. What do we know about him?

1- He’s really Bruce Wayne
2- His parents were murdered
3- His sidekick is Robin
4- He never, ever, uses a gun

So what better toy than a Batman gun?

1- I have to admit, this first one is cool in a 60’s Japanese tin toy way. You know what I mean.


2- Sort of like a Bat-Luger. Simply not a cool looking gun. They probably had a bunch laying around in a warehouse and stuck it on a Batman card.


3- Again, nothing Batman-like at all. Not even that bat, which would look more at home in a 1940’s Dracula flick.


4- So stupid I love it. I want this one.


5- Epic fail. Epic Bat-fail.


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