Join John Newly, the host of Up All Night as he takes a Coast To Coast AM-style radio ride!


Lying Awake With John Newly

Another Night With John Newly

This Week On Lying Awake With John Newly

Lying Awake With John Newly: The 4th Hour

Lying Awake With John Newly: Cavemen and Coffee

John Newly Is Slightly Confused (Lying Awake #6)

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Lying Awake With John Newly #11: Off-Topic

Lying Awake With An Online Date (John Newly #12)

Discover the truth behind paranormal and crytozoological oddities!

in search of

In Search of… The Chupacabra

In Search of… The Loch Ness Monster

In Search of… The India Monkey Man of New Delhi

In Search of… Sasquatch

In Search of… The Winchester Mystery House

In Search of… The Roswell UFO Crash

In Search of… Satanic Cults, Demonic Possession, and Zombies

In Search of… The Mummy of King Tut

In Search of… Atlantis

In Search of…The Devil’s Footprints

In Search of… Ghosts



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    […] into things like ghosts and UFO’s (which is why I’m so hard on George Noory) and I just finished reading The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects from 1956 by Edward J. […]


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