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Picture Postcard: The Ashamed Deli

4 Jun

June 4, 2016

Poor little deli. Seems almost ashamed to be a deli. That must be why it’s out of business. If only the little deli had some pride, it might be in business today.

ashamed deli

But seriously, what happened on that awning? What’s with the little word “deli” in parentheses? I’ve looked closely, it’s not too far from me in Brooklyn. That’s not an addition, the word didn’t cover up or replace something else. It was made that way. But why? I have no idea.



A Simple Sandwich Question

13 May

May 13, 2016

I’m no expert when it comes to food. Oh sure, I know how to eat it. I really know how to overeat it. And I can cook a little, as long as adding boiling water to a
Cup O’ Soup counts as cooking. But something as simple as a sandwich has got me stumped. Not making it, but understanding it.

In other words, is bread an ingredient in a sandwich?

Ask someone at random what goes into a BLT. They’ll tell you bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Some people may also mention mayo, or mustard, or some other condiment or topping. And that’s all fine and good, but what about the bread? No one ever mentions the bread.

Is it just assumed that bread is what makes the sandwich, so it isn’t an ingredient? Bread is integral to a sandwich- it isn’t a sandwich without bread, so it can’t be a mere ingredient.

But when assembling the components of your BLT, you take out the bacon, the lettuce, the tomatoes, and the bread. The bread is obviously a component of the sandwich.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

So what’s up with bread? Is it a sandwich ingredient or not?

Better minds than I need to answer this one.

Here is what a far lesser mind has to say. This is from Wikipedia, which if it were a sandwich would be composed of lug nuts and antlers, no bread.

“A BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) is a type of bacon sandwich. The standard BLT is made up of four ingredients: bacon, lettuce, tomato and bread.”

I guess that’s the final word. If Wikipedia says that bread is an ingredient, then I have to believe that the opposite is true.




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