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My New Career As An Assassin Starts Now

28 Jun

June 28, 2016

007 blog header

I received this unsolicited email yesterday. It got past my spam filters so it must be legit, right?

info (stina@furumon.lby.se);silvio_escobar@mail.com

Dear candidate,

We have a job in your area and we would like you to participate and complete the assignment.

Job Description :
1. You will receive funds for the task.
2. You will receive instructions for the task you via email in the location and details of the task.
3. You must complete the task as quickly as possible and quietly.

Once you sign up you will access to training materials and consederation.

The assignment will give you $200 per job of 2 assignment a week.

Provide the following information below if you interested:

1. Full Name :___
2  Your Address :___
3. Citys / States / Countrys :___
4. Zip Codes :___
5. Phones :___
6. Ages : .___
7. Gender :___
8. E-Mail :___

Thank you for participation. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Kenny Miller
Official Recruitment

There’s no company name and no description of the job. It came from a foreign server and refers to a “task” which must be done “as quickly as possible and quietly.” 

I think they want me to kill someone. I think I am being hired as an assassin.

Career change!

007 blog


FYI- that’s the real email, with the real sender’s information at the top and the real errors and misspellings. If you are interested in either becoming an assassin or having your identity stolen, contact them at your own risk. Tell ’em Mr. Blog sent ya!

Sneak Peek of the Week: June 23rd, 2015

23 Jun

June 23, 2015

Believe it or not (and if I were you I wouldn’t believe it either, but it’s true), I’m a little ahead on things and the following blogs are written and ready to go! The first will be going up tomorrow and the next ones after that. It’s the Summer of George! Sit back on your sofa, eat a block of cheese, and get ready to enjoy these posts.

My Review of Saturday Night Fever: The Musical, at Sea

disco duck

I saw this on my recent cruise, and it wasn’t the waves that were making me queasy. This continued my trend of not being able to escape Brooklyn, even over a thousand miles away from New York.

John Newly Has A Crush (Lying Awake with John Newly #10)

THE DATING GAMEJohn Newly, late night coast to coast paranormal radio show host (Am I being too subtle? It’s a George Noory parody.), welcomes his favorite guest and does some not very subtle flirting with a numerology expert. Also on display is his stunning lack of basic math skills.

Before I Hit Delete And Empty The Trash

spam1I took a look in my spam folder and nestled among the prescription meds scams and phishing trolls I found some even weirder stuff. This post highlights 5 of my favorite recent spam comments.


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