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Seinfeld 2017

31 Jan

January 31, 2017

Wondering what George and Jerry are bickering about these days? Wonder no more. It’s…

800px-seinfeld_logo-2017George: Hey, didn’t you like my joke?
Jerry: What joke?
G: The one I texted you last night. About how Barack Obama’s dog gets the Secret Service to keep other dogs away from his fire hydrant?
J: Oh yeah, it was funny.
G: You thought it was funny?
J: Yeah, not bad, Georgie Boy.
G: (annoyed) So where was my emoji?


J: Your what?
G: You didn’t send me a smiley face. You didn’t even LOL.
J: Oh come on!
G: Yes! Yes! If it’s funny you’re supposed to send an emoji. That’s what you do. If you like something you send a thumbs up, or a smiley face. If it’s funny you write back LOL or maybe send a gif of a laughing monkey.
J: Why would I do that when I’ve got a laughing monkey right here?
G: (angry) You owe me an emoji Jerry!
J: I don’t send out emojis that easily. Your joke was barely a chuckle. It wasn’t emoji-worthy.


G: This is not how the internet works! People send all kinds of emojis. Kramer sends emojis all the time!
J: Oh, Kramer! He doesn’t know an LOL from an ROTFL!
G: You owe me an emoji Jerry!
J: And you owe me $235 for my drone you crashed last week trying to see the Giants for free.
G: (contrite) Let’s call it even.




Coming This Week! (And an odd return.)

24 Jul

July 24, 2016

Coming up this week is the second part of the really bad day I had. In the last post, I described some of the oddities at the local flea market. I’ll get into more detail in Part Two, leading up to my brush with death as I pushed a dead car across a busy intersection while limping with a torn muscle in my leg. But before that, you’ll read about more used sneakers than you can imagine and an anti-Semitic cantor. 

Meanwhile, over on Mr. Blog’s Official Facebook Page, (click and like! click and like!) I was asked about the old favorites Fat Guy Eating Cheeseburger and Jokeclops. “Hey Mr. Tool!” (My fans love me.) “Whatever happened to your lousy Photoshops? Where’s the fat burger dude and the stupid Greek monster?” Well, the honest truth is that it may be time to mix things up and freshen some stale ideas. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Jokeclops Eating Cheeseburger.

jokeclops burger

I may need to rethink this.




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