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Picture Postcard: The Ashamed Deli

4 Jun

June 4, 2016

Poor little deli. Seems almost ashamed to be a deli. That must be why it’s out of business. If only the little deli had some pride, it might be in business today.

ashamed deli

But seriously, what happened on that awning? What’s with the little word “deli” in parentheses? I’ve looked closely, it’s not too far from me in Brooklyn. That’s not an addition, the word didn’t cover up or replace something else. It was made that way. But why? I have no idea.



Picture Postcard: Brooklyn Blizzard 2016

24 Jan

January 24, 2016

There is a huge blizzard hitting the east coast as I type this.  You might have heard this on the news. It is kind of a big deal. As of an hour ago, NYC already had over 27 inches of snow and it is still coming down. The Governor instituted a travel ban. Subways and buses shut down, stores closed. Everyone stay inside.

So of course I went outside and took pictures.

blizzard crossing

This is not me. Who would be taking the picture?

Out of the dozens of pictures I took, here are a few that I liked. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images. And thanks for looking.



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