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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Change of Heart

14 May

May 14, 2012


Last week on American Chopper:

Yesterday on The Celebrity Apprentice:

Sorry, it won’t play, just a screen cap.

WOW! What a funny guy! What a sense of humor! And I watched him all season, he is so nice to work with, Donald Trump loves him, and he really loves his sons!

Yeah, had  you never seen him before that is what you might think. So before we get into tonight’s show, let’s take a look at the real Paul Teutul Senior.

PJD starts a build for Skill Tools while OCC begins a bike based on an Italian sports car. Then Junior makes a huge decision that could finally end his estrangement from Senior once and for all.

OCC has another anonymous client. The ugly Arabian Horse bike was for an anonymous client too. Jason explains that it is for a very high-profile person. Maybe yes maybe no. Can you prove this isn’t just some bike that Discovery is paying for? Plus Senior talked about how much Jason has improved. They are really trying to sell that guy to the fans. “He actually did measurements.” Wow.

PJD is building a bike for Skill tools 75th anniversary. They brought in, among other things, the original skill “worm drive” saw they first started with.  Amazingly, they design it without a computer and even more amazing, it is a team effort, not just what on Monkey Boy says goes.

Paulie is upset that his father thinks Paulie wants a business relationship. As he says, why would he want that? Been there, done that, failed miserably. Pretty much, he says, he just wants to go down to OCC and clear the air and figure out what’s what. “I’ve had it up to here, I really have, I can’t do this back and forth.”

After the commercial break OCC is building their anonymous donor bike and Jason (who misspelled his own name last week) is “working” on the bike. By working I mean being a fool and hanging off the frame. And Paulie has not walked in the front door.

Is he at PJD? He’s not on camera. Is he on his way to OCC? Is he- oh, wait, forget it, there he is.

Paulie confers with his consigliere Vinnie and they decide that the cameras have to be there so there is no chance of misinterpretation. He also says he is sick of the whole Senior vs. Junior thing which makes you wonder if he wants them to rename the show.

Back at OCC rick is making a seat panel. Is Paulie about to walk in? Is he on his way? Is he outside the door? The suspense is killing me.

Nope, he doesn’t show.

9:35. No invasion of OCC yet. but we do get a HILARIOUS prank where they put ink on some goggles and get a guy to wear it so he gets circles on his face. HA HA HA!

We’re back at OCC. Mike is working on a wheel. Is Paulie lurking around? Is the door going to fly open and Paulie swoop in?


9:40. Paulie is still at PJD. All talk no action? No, the show is edited like crap, all tease, no show.

9:46. Paulie is working on the Skill bike. Who does he think he is? GO TO OCC! That’s what we want to see!

9:50 back at OCC. C’mon Paulie! You still have a few minutes left! 9:51, 9:52…

9:54. Paulie drivers right over to… Mikey’s “art” gallery. Why? To talk again about seeing his father. SHUT UP AND GO ALREADY!

10:02. Paulie walks right in and …no, he calls Senior and makes an appointment.

I give up. To be continued.

BTW, the show goes to 10:04 tonight. Wonderful.

OCC finishes the Italian sports car bike and PJD unveils the Skil Bike. Then, Mikey leaves the show once and for all, and Junior goes to OCC to confront Senior face to face.

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