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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Mikey Out?

30 Apr

April 30, 2012

MIKEY OUT? April 30, 2012
OCC starts a build that will be unveiled to the prime minister of Malaysia, while PJD finishes a pimped-out bike for baseball player Aaron Rowand. And Mikey drops an unexpected bomb when he considers quitting the show.

PJD starts right where the last show ended. Aaron Rowand wants a bike similar to the Black Widow but with baseball touches, which makes Paulie a little nervous since Aaron is very particular about what he wants.  It does not look like the Black Widow except in the black and red paint scheme. The rims have replica wooden bats running through them.

OCC is building a bike for the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The OCC crew is going there (Senior, Jason, and Jim) to find out about promoting travel and tourism.

Over at PJD, Vinnie and Paulie noticed that Mikey hasn’t been around in a while so Vinnie set out to find him. Wasn’t hard to do, he was at his gallery.

Mikey told Vinnie that he was thinking of quitting the show. He feels that the attention from the show is hurting his chance of having a relationship with his father. HMMM. Where did he get the idea of not being around the cameras? Oh yeah, last week when Paulie and Senior met without cameras. He is so easily influenced.

BTW- when did he become part owner of a pasta sauce company?

The guy on the right is Chef Angry Mike. He makes pasta sauce. The guy on the left uses it for finger paint.

Back at OCC, Jason is once again getting too involved in the building. He made his drawings, then he wanted to make changes during fabrication. Senior was not happy but who does he have to blame but himself? He’s allowed Jason to do pretty much whatever he wants around the shop, even to the point of laughing off a (probably phony) tantrum a few months back. Yes, what happened this week is extremely minor and not a big deal, but I point it out because (I  have not said this in a long time) Jason will be running OCC someday. Bank on it. Senior loves the guy.

Rick drops the news about Mikey leaving on Senior. Rick needs to stay out  of this. The less he is involved with the family troubles the better for him. Senior doesn’t understand why Mikey would leave. “I think this is a drastic step here.” Rick says he will get in touch with Mikey, and he is Mikey;s friend, but Senior wants Rick to pass the message that he is willing to talk to Mikey. Nothing wrong with Senior saying that, but again, Rick- don’t get in the middle of this!

Senior also pointed out that Mikey might ne the most popular person on the show. I think Vinnie and Rick might beat him, but out of the Teutuls that might be true.

I often say that the paint makes the bikes. Not in this case. The Aaron Rowand bike looks great even before the paint,and Nub once again justified the faith everyone has in him. From fabrication to paint this is one of my favorite bikes.

Near the end of the show Rick and Mikey hung out in a park and talked about how Mikey is doing. He cut his hair and shaved his beard and looks much better. Mikey confirmed that he is quitting the show (though a couple of minutes later he says he is undecided but leaning toward eaving) and hopes it will help his relationship with his father. “It is time to move on.” Rick told him that Senior misses him and Mikey said he misses his father. According to the commercials this arc continues next week.

Senior, Jason, Jim and Steve travel to Malaysia, where they not only unveil their latest bike, but also encounter wildlife, swim under waterfalls and barter at the central market.

Oh boy.

The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Eleven

29 Apr

April 29, 2012

Penn was fired last week, and as far as I am concerned it was long overdue.  Of the remaining six, Clay is my pick to win it all. Dayana and Teresa are the classic examples of just sliding along by not standing out. 

The show began with some gloating by Aubrey, of course. You know that helicopter Trump gets out of on the show opening? I’d love to see him land it on Aubrey’s head. BTW- I won’t repeat what Aubrey said about her charity because it is a worthy cause and I do not want to appear to belittle it, but it was total self-serving bullshit. COMPLETE and OBVIOUS bullshit. Especially the comment about what she has on her bedroom wall.

THE TASK: Write and produce a 90 second jingle for Good Sam’s roadside service
THE PROJECT MANAGERS: Dayana with Clay and Lisa, Arsenio with Aubrey and Teresa.

This should have been Clay’s task all the way but he was PM last week. Dayana is not, shall we say, musically inclined. And it was funny when Trump forgot that Aubrey was a singer. I feel (just a little) sorry for Teresa being stuck between Arsenio and Aubrey. Aubrey is already, at only 15 minutes into the show, being a jerk.

Aubrey’s I mean Arsenio’s team is doing a cheerleader theme. Dayana’s team is doing a sixties song, which Dayana does not like.

Dayana is out of her league. Clay knows the music, Lisa can do the jingle, Dayana can, um , stay out their way. Clay to Lisa: “I might kill Dayana.”

Meanwhile, Don Junior showed up and Aubrey talked crap about Arsenio to him and Don Jr. was taken aback. “I’ve never seen anything like that (complaining about the PM) without being in the boardroom or even knowing if you won or lost.” This will not help her.

Don Junior was lucky to also be present with the other team when Lisa threw a tantrum over Dayana’s comments. She called Dayana “a little bitch.” “You are out of line, as usual, again!” Lisa stalked out.

Don has had better days on this show.

Meanwhile, Arsenio keeps saying how he can’t believe how Aubrey has changed and become a team player. We’ve seen what she says when he is not around. He should not believe it.

So how were the performances? Clay’s old school jingle was, IMHO, too old-fashioned. Aubrey’s Arsenio’s was too aggressive and annoying. Of the two I think Dayana’s team won.

The Boardroom began at 10:20 with Trump trying to stir up trouble between Arsenio and Aubrey. They both took the high road.

When Lisa was asked who should be fired if they lose, she of course said Dayana. Then she lost no time attacking her. It started calmly but did not stay that way for very long. It might have backfired on her since the more calm Dayana stayed, the more it made her point about Lisa being an angry bully. And the fight went on for a very long time, over 20 minutes.

AND AUBREY, FOR SOME REASON, jumped into the fight and what did she say? How good she was. Then she defended Lisa. Why? Because she was out of the spotlight too long.

In the midst of the chaos, Trump asked Arsenio if he would like to trade Aubrey for Dayana. He said he’d prefer Aubrey. That tells you how little everyone thinks of Dayana because were I Arsenio I might have jumped at that.

THE WINNER: Arsenio/Aubrey/Teresa. Things look really bad for Dayana.

And it was all bad. “Dayana, you’re fired.”

NEXT WEEK: A photo shoot. and two people get fired.


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