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Imponderable #46: Rochester New York

18 May

May 18, 2012

Big deal. Nikon has a wormhole to Dimension X in their basement. Proctor and Gamble is reanimating the dead in a Plan Nine-style attempt to take over the Earth. Wal-Mart already perfected their time-tunnel and traveled back in time to kill Chester A. Arthur. A nuclear reactor in Kodak’s basement? Wake me when someone doesn’t have a nuke.

North Korea. Iran. Kodak. I knew that the film and camera business was dying but to become an atomic arms peddler? Kodak, what are you thinking? Funding international terrorism? Why, Kodak, why?

Anyway, the Imponderable is not that Kodak had the reactor, for which they do have legitimate uses, but why weren’t the local authorities, not to mention the residents, informed? However, that is not the Imponderable either.

What other companies are hiding nuclear reactors in their labs? What else don’t we know about?

The question is Imponderable.

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