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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Change of Heart part 2. SEASON FINALE

21 May

May 21, 2012

Frankly I am glad the season is over because this was a chore. From OCC building a flamethrower instead of a bike in the build-off, to the idiocy of Jesse James,  to the stupidity of Jason Pohl in Malaysia, to Discovery stretching about twenty minutes of plot into six episodes, this is a tired show. And despite Senior saying the show is all about the bikes, we never really see much of the real aspects of designing or building a bike. Jason draws something, we watch Rick (whom I still respect) make a tank yet again, watch the crew weld something, and never really get a sense of this being a real show about bikes.  PJD is marginally better when it comes to the builds but if you are a hard-core bike fan you are not watching this show for the bikes. Most of us watch for the drama, but it is so manufactured and drawn out that it is boring. And enough of the anonymous foreign millionaires buying bikes from OCC. Even if it is true it sounds so fishy that it stinks. It is a joke. And the Arabian Horse bike? People still tell me what a joke they thought it was.

So on to tonight. Paulie heads over to OCC to confront his father, with the cameras rolling. Way to stay true to your principles, Junior.

With all that said, does it matter if I talk about the bikes? I am pretty sure they will get built and unveiled, the owners will love them, everyone will be happy. I can assume that the PJD bike will look pretty good as they usually do, the OCC bike is 50-50. Sometimes they stink, sometimes they soar. So I’ll focus on the thing the commercials focus on, the family drama. But bear in mind tha if you have learned nothing else, you have learned that the focus of the show is rarely given the lion’s share of the time. Let’s see if that is true in the season finale. BTW- the show goes to 10:05.

And for the record, I am recording the House series finale right now.

At 9:13 Paulie walked into his office and was surprised to see Mikey sprawled on the couch. How much of a surprise could it have been? There was a camera crew in there too. Mikey is there to, again, tell Paulie that he is leaving the show to help mend his relationship with Senior. How? “The future is pretty vague.” Paulie tells Mikey that he is going to OCC to talk to their dad. He said the same thing early in last week’s show and never got there. When will this sit-down take place? 9:35? 9:50?

At 9:20 Mikey makes a tour of PJD to say goodbye to everyone. Where is he going, North Korea? He lives in town and his gallery is on main street.

It is 9:30 so, extra 5 minutes aside, the show is half over. When will Paulie go to OCC? Sheesh. Of course they are going to drag it out, any show would, but this has been dragged out over episodes and weeks, not minutes.

I said I wouldn’t talk about the bikes, but I’ll say that the OCC sports car bike looks like a toy. Meh.

9:43. PJD is in Las Vegas for the Skill unveil. But if Paulie is in Vegas, how is he going to see his father in OCC? This show is so unartfully edited that sometimes you have to wonder if the bike builds are filmed months away from the persona drama segments? Remember when Senior drove to his son’s house only to find that Paulie was away in Florida shooting another episode? During an episode Paulie was away filming another episode. Smh.

9:45. Paulie is back in NY and going to OCC. How long was he away ? Is this even the same month?

9:47. Paulie arrives at OCC. He walks into the store, past a fat tourist, and Senior meets him at the shop door.


COMMERCIAL! As we expected.

9:50. Small talk. And then they debated where to sit at the giant OCC conference table. I swear, there are less negotiations at the United Nations.

They are revisiting the last discussion, about what kind of relationship they want to have. The high point- Senior pointed out that their show is not reality. No duh.

I have to say, they are talking and they are being honest. On the other hand, they are honestly talking about not talking any more.

Paulie: “I feel like nothing’s changed.”
Senior: “You don’t know me you haven’t seen my in 2 1/2 years. People change.”
Paulie: “I don’t know how to move forward.”
Senior: “You sound like you’re giving up.”
Paulie: “What should we do?”
Senior: “Just talk, no business, nothing else.”

Then Senior goes back to the settlement. He wants to know why they didn’t start a relationship then. Paulie blames it on Senior’s actions.Senior w3ants to go the tape and see how much he talked about Paulie after the settlement. I say go back to when Donald Trump stopped by just three months ago and listen to how he badmouthed Paulie to Trump. Or when he badmouthed Paulie to Odie. Or to Jason Pohl. And Senior claimed that Paulie did not know him.

Body language is very telling. Senior sits back in his chair, hands folded, big boots up on the table. Paulie seemed uncomfortable but open.

Senior: “I am ok with whatever you decide. If your feelings got hurt in the past I apologize.”
Paulie: “I’ll take that apology as a start. A lot of pain there, dad.”

Things ended with a hug and, it seemed a commitment to do something for charity together.

Senior: “I honestly think it was not a productive meeting at all. Where are we?”

Senior, the next week, called Paulie with a charity idea: a co-build for charity. Paulie’s answer? FADE TO BLACK.

And there is the hook for next season.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Change of Heart

14 May

May 14, 2012


Last week on American Chopper:

Yesterday on The Celebrity Apprentice:

Sorry, it won’t play, just a screen cap.

WOW! What a funny guy! What a sense of humor! And I watched him all season, he is so nice to work with, Donald Trump loves him, and he really loves his sons!

Yeah, had  you never seen him before that is what you might think. So before we get into tonight’s show, let’s take a look at the real Paul Teutul Senior.

PJD starts a build for Skill Tools while OCC begins a bike based on an Italian sports car. Then Junior makes a huge decision that could finally end his estrangement from Senior once and for all.

OCC has another anonymous client. The ugly Arabian Horse bike was for an anonymous client too. Jason explains that it is for a very high-profile person. Maybe yes maybe no. Can you prove this isn’t just some bike that Discovery is paying for? Plus Senior talked about how much Jason has improved. They are really trying to sell that guy to the fans. “He actually did measurements.” Wow.

PJD is building a bike for Skill tools 75th anniversary. They brought in, among other things, the original skill “worm drive” saw they first started with.  Amazingly, they design it without a computer and even more amazing, it is a team effort, not just what on Monkey Boy says goes.

Paulie is upset that his father thinks Paulie wants a business relationship. As he says, why would he want that? Been there, done that, failed miserably. Pretty much, he says, he just wants to go down to OCC and clear the air and figure out what’s what. “I’ve had it up to here, I really have, I can’t do this back and forth.”

After the commercial break OCC is building their anonymous donor bike and Jason (who misspelled his own name last week) is “working” on the bike. By working I mean being a fool and hanging off the frame. And Paulie has not walked in the front door.

Is he at PJD? He’s not on camera. Is he on his way to OCC? Is he- oh, wait, forget it, there he is.

Paulie confers with his consigliere Vinnie and they decide that the cameras have to be there so there is no chance of misinterpretation. He also says he is sick of the whole Senior vs. Junior thing which makes you wonder if he wants them to rename the show.

Back at OCC rick is making a seat panel. Is Paulie about to walk in? Is he on his way? Is he outside the door? The suspense is killing me.

Nope, he doesn’t show.

9:35. No invasion of OCC yet. but we do get a HILARIOUS prank where they put ink on some goggles and get a guy to wear it so he gets circles on his face. HA HA HA!

We’re back at OCC. Mike is working on a wheel. Is Paulie lurking around? Is the door going to fly open and Paulie swoop in?


9:40. Paulie is still at PJD. All talk no action? No, the show is edited like crap, all tease, no show.

9:46. Paulie is working on the Skill bike. Who does he think he is? GO TO OCC! That’s what we want to see!

9:50 back at OCC. C’mon Paulie! You still have a few minutes left! 9:51, 9:52…

9:54. Paulie drivers right over to… Mikey’s “art” gallery. Why? To talk again about seeing his father. SHUT UP AND GO ALREADY!

10:02. Paulie walks right in and …no, he calls Senior and makes an appointment.

I give up. To be continued.

BTW, the show goes to 10:04 tonight. Wonderful.

OCC finishes the Italian sports car bike and PJD unveils the Skil Bike. Then, Mikey leaves the show once and for all, and Junior goes to OCC to confront Senior face to face.

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