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The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Thirteen

13 May

May 13, 2012

This is it. One more will be fired when the show opens and the remaining two will fight it out.

Clay. Aubrey. Arsenio.

The show starts right were it ended last week. Trump is grilling the final three and is getting ready to fire one of them. It looks like Arsenio might go (he’s getting a lot of heat for his outburst and language) but by now I give up trying to predict this.

OMG! Aubrey was fired!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go!


Trump: “Here you are, the final two.”
Clay: “I’m having a little deja vu.” LOL!

Score one for the good guys!

The next thing, aside from the task, is to see which contestants come back. I have three spoilers.

Spoiler #1: Lou Ferrigno is not coming back. That was confirmed by
Spoiler #2: Dee Snyder is coming back. He was on a radio show here in NYC where he said he’d be back. “They bring back the good contestants, that’s why Lou Ferrigno won’t be there.”
Spoiler #3: Not that big a spoiler, I took this from the commercial for the show. (BTW, don’t try to play it, it is only a screen cap.)

Yeah, you can bet that’ll get some play on the American Chopper Weekly Rundown tomorrow night.

And so will this:

You really need to be here tomorrow night.

But back to the show!

THE TASK: Produce, host, star in, and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event.
CLAY: Penn, Debbie, Dee, Aubrey
ARSENIO: Adam, Lisa, Paul Sr., Teresa

Aubrey was picked last. “Haters are hating once again,” she convinced herself.

Clay got the three singers, not a bad deal for a task centered around entertainment.

Arsenio is doing and 80’s theme, as in we left all this old 80’s stuff behind, what about HIV? Not a bad idea, but what about the entertainment? Clay seems to have that cornered.

On the other hand he has to work with Penn. Clay chose him to show that he could work with anyone, even someone he fought with. Not a bad idea, but Penn is being Mr. Contrary again.

So who did not come back? Lou Ferrigno, George Takei, Cheryl Tiegs, Dayana Mendoza, Tia Carrere, Patricia Velasquez, Michael Andretti, and Victoria Gotti, thank goodness. And do you miss any of them?

On the other hand, Aubrey is being Aubrey. You know what I mean. she has these ideas that for some reason no one tells her they suck. They just go along with her.

Meanwhile, as Team Arsenio was shooting their 80’s video, Team Clay was having trouble finding a spot to shoot their video. They needed a place with a lot of grass for kids to play. Hmmm, New York City, lots of grass… Central Park anyone? Seems so obvious to me. However, they found a patch of grass in a housing project and shot the video.

On Arsenio’s side, they plan to put Magic Johnson in the video but they are having trouble getting it set up.

Meanwhile, Aubrey’s jealousy of Debbie boils back up. Say what you will about Debbie’s career, we all know Aubrey will never reach Debbie’s level. That may be sad but it is true. Meanwhile, it was Debbie’s turn to argue with Clay. Clay, as he said had to make the decisions. After all, he is the only one on the chopping block. Debbie has a big role this week. She got her cousin to do a mural for Clay and all Clay wants is to see a sketch. Debbie is asking for him to trust her. OK, but this is the finale! Debbie can’t get fired in the boardroom, he HAS TO have the final decision.

On the strange side, Lisa called Clay to tell him she’d be making a contribution to his charity. Why? To be nice? Maybe, but she is on the other side. What if Clay raises a hair more than Arsenio? It would be her money that put him over!

And when the Magic Johnson video finally arrives, it is lousy.


Sneak Peek of the Week of May 13th, 2012

13 May

May 13, 2012

Captain Midnight will not be making an appearance in this blog.  I usually post at midnight, hence Captain Midnight. And I like the picture.

So what is going on around here next week? Well, both American Chopper and The Celebrity Apprentice are wrapping things up with only a couple of shows left. Frankly it is a relief. The Celebrity Apprentice is a big time consumer on Sunday nights and American Chopper has worn a bit thin this season, especially with the suddenly sympathetic Paul Teutul Senior’s image makeover in full effect. On the other hand when those shows end I need to find something else to fill the space. Uh oh. Also this week I’ll have an unusual post this Wednesday, a surprise on Thursday, a new Imponderable on Friday, and Saturday Comics will be in full force. All this, some mathematical improbability, and more, this week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.

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