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The Saturday Comics: The Marvel No-Prize Book and Fumetti Book

5 May

May 5, 2012

As I began last week, Marvel was going a little crazy in the 1980’s. In addition to putting out a bizarre Generic Comic Book, they also put out a Fumetti Book. What is fumetti? It is a photo or series of photos with “funny”  text balloons or captions. Why did Marvel do this? I don’t know but as you will see next week, Marvel’s love affair with photography was just beginning. This comic featured various Marvel staffers in all their black and white glory.

Then there was the No-Prize Book. Marvel, like DC, often ended up with things that made no sense in terms of established continuity or even with a single story. Sometimes even one panel was so screwed up it made no sense. Rather than say “my bad,” Marvel would give out “No-Prizes” to any fans who wrote in and explained away the mistake. Sometimes the reasons were bizarre.  What was the prize? There was no prize. Well, I guess there was. See the envelope below.


Next week, more Marvel 1980’s oddities. 


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