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American Chopper 2018: Welcome Back?

4 Mar

March 5, 2018:


Well. I finally got around to watching the new season of American Chopper. You can’t call it a new show, or even a return, because it is EXACTLY the same as before. It is as if absolutely nothing has changed since this show last aired six years ago, except that Mikey has trimmed his mop and is now working for Sr. I guess they made up. Senior still has his shop and yes, Monkey Boy Jason Pohl is still there. Even Rick returns to OCC in this episode, in what had to be a made-for-reality-TV moment. 

And that was always the problem with this show, and likely will still be. It seems totally fake. Nothing rings true. Teutul Sr and Jr signed contracts for a new show, so this was obviously in the works for a long time. And of course the cameras are rolling in OCC when Sr decides that, despite not working with Jr in ages, he should give him a call and ask for help. Good thing the cameras were there! And somehow, just by coincidence, Rick Petko is free to return to OCC just when Sr needs him. Good thing the cameras were rolling! And somehow, an old bike both Sr and Jr worked on together pops up in Paulie’s shop. Good thing the cameras were rolling! No, no, I’m sure nothing was set up beforehand when all parties involved signed contracts. I’m sure this was all spontaneous, right? RIGHT?

There’s not much to believe here, and unless Paulie and Senior get into shouting matches, I’m not sure what the appeal of this show is. It wore out its welcome years ago. 

Two things I did like:
1- Senior saying that business is down. Yep, so far down he’s in deep legal trouble.
2- Mikey reading the script over one of Sr and Jr’s blow ups. That added a nice touch to a clip we’ve seen a thousand times before.

The show ended with a short package of things to come this season and yes, they destroy stuff for no reason. Wow, what wild men.


American Chopper – All New! – Senior’s Legal Issues 3/2/2018

1 Mar

March 2, 2018

Remember back when I used to blog about American Chopper? Every week, every episode, every mention in the news. So I can say with some small amount of knowledge that Paul Teutul Sr. is neither a great businessman nor a good father. Yes, he built his steel company into a motorcycle brand, and yes, he’s attained some celebrity, but I’d argue that his business success had a lot to do with the people around him (and the cable networks that propped him up) and no so much for his business sense, and his celebrity is really just notoriety. But I’ll just let these two article speak for themselves. 

  • American Chopper Star Files Bankruptcy
  • American Chopper Star Sued For Fraud



There’s no reason for me to run this other than it’s funny.


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