American Chopper – All New! – Senior’s Legal Issues 3/2/2018

1 Mar

March 2, 2018

Remember back when I used to blog about American Chopper? Every week, every episode, every mention in the news. So I can say with some small amount of knowledge that Paul Teutul Sr. is neither a great businessman nor a good father. Yes, he built his steel company into a motorcycle brand, and yes, he’s attained some celebrity, but I’d argue that his business success had a lot to do with the people around him (and the cable networks that propped him up) and no so much for his business sense, and his celebrity is really just notoriety. But I’ll just let these two article speak for themselves. 

  • American Chopper Star Files Bankruptcy
  • American Chopper Star Sued For Fraud



There’s no reason for me to run this other than it’s funny.


One Response to “American Chopper – All New! – Senior’s Legal Issues 3/2/2018”


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    […] things I did like: 1- Senior saying that business is down. Yep, so far down he’s in deep legal trouble. 2- Mikey reading the script over one of Sr and Jr’s blow ups. That added a nice touch to a […]


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