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Mr. Blog’s Party Advice (Imponderable #133)

27 Dec

December 27, 2016


Dear Mr. Blog:

I am throwing a big New Year’s Eve soiree and I am inviting the crème de la crème of society. Nearly the entire Wayne Rogers Junior High marching band will be there! But I have a problem that I hope you can help me with. I don’t want to be a laughingstock at my next algebra club meeting. 

How is a combination of cake and ice cream to be served? On a dessert plate or in a bowl? How is it eaten? Fork or spoon? Is it ever proper to eat from a plate with a spoon?


(Signed) Bruin Z. Othello, AKA Myron from the Block

Dear Myron

This is just the sort of letter I’d toss in the trash over to Mr. Know-It-All’s desk but he’s been locked in the men’s room since last week. However, Myron, I found a good substitute. This is an actual answer to your question from Miss Manners. Yes, she is still alive… sort of.

GENTLE READER: Have you ever tried to eat ice cream with a fork?

You needn’t. Contrary to what many people believe, Miss Manners assures you that etiquette is not out to trick you. When dessert is both textured and runny or gooey, both a spoon and a fork should be available.

It would also be too much of a challenge to have to eat cake from a bowl. The ice cream is properly placed on top of the cake, so that any melting will be absorbed before getting to the plate.

“Too much of a challenge to have to eat cake from a bowl”??? Seriously? Miss Manners’ dictionary must have a different meaning of the word “challenge” than mine does.

Is it too hard to put the cake in a bowl, plop some ice cream on top of it, and eat it all with a spoon? If you can’t eat a piece of cake with a spoon and need to break out a fork to do some heavy lifting, you are A: serving the wrong kind of cake or B: clearly doing something wrong with your life.

Myron, what kind of a person can’t figure this one out?
The question is Imponderable.

blank imponderable header

And in case anyone was wondering, that was an actual letter to Miss Manners from just last week. Sigh, I weep for the world. Somewhere in Europe there are starving kids who would eat a piece of cake with their bare hands out of a tiger’s mouth and people here worry about which utensil to use? This is why I hate people.



Sneak Peek! August 19, 2015

19 Aug

August 19, 2015


Hello, readers of Fun Blog. These are directions for you to read and enjoy Mr. Blog Super Kaiju Ride for week soon upcoming!

Next to be update! Mr. of the Blog will provide special and careful update to previous post from years and ancestors past once posted here for your fun and wind enjoyment! To read while with unusual conductivity is recommended!

Later the week, rant of vile and thunder! Evil rears head in Mr. Blog local prefecture office. Package lost! Dramatic! Homage to gods or heroes swell with fight!

Then to be Return of The Old! Movie filmland! The Greeks! Even revered Father of Blog impart wisdom! Yes it is truth! The return of The Minute of the New Yorks!

For most fun and use, please to follow directions of blog to maximum effect. Mr. Blog Tepid Staffs and Editor not responsible for mistakes of content this week. This post of blog presented by fill-in outsource blog producer corporation. Consider informed that normal and production-oriented content producer return in the next time.





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