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Soundbites From My Father

17 Nov

November 17, 2018

With the Holiday Season™ upon us, I’d like to share a pair of quick tales of my father, whose wisdom never fails to guide me. It may occasionally guide me into a snowbank like a bad GPS, but it guides me nonetheless.


During this time of year, with Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas around the corner, many of us are in a giving mood and want to help the less fortunate. My Dad felt no less charitable himself, and he often enlisted my brother and I to deliver food to needy families as part of his lodge’s outreach. We carried many, many boxes and bags of canned goods, meat and vegetables, and all kinds of staples to up and down stairs to needy families who truly appreciated our efforts. It was touching.

One day, after one of these deliveries, my father and I were approached by a homeless man asking for change. My father refused. You’d think that after doing a day of charity work and seeing the needy up close, Dad would have been a little more forthcoming. I asked him why not and he said to me “Son, never give money to someone who is wearing better sneakers than you are.”


Holidays are a time for sharing the love of friends and family. One year my father took my brother and I out to dinner. My brother, bless his heart, asked who was paying. Dad said the meal was on him. We went out and enjoyed dinner and at the end of the night, I turned to my brother and said that we should leave the tip. “No,” my brother replied. This is a free meal. I’m not leaving the tip. “Free is free.” While my brother was the one who coined the phrase, It was Dad who turned it into a family mantra.

There you have it. Holiday wisdom, from Mr. Blog’s family to yours.






Is It Christmas Yet? Sneak Peek Of The Season

30 Nov

November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving is over, the local lite FM station went all-Yuletide last week, and parts of the U.S. just had their first major snowfall. So is it Christmas yet?

It may as well be, since I just watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas is up next. And I’m looking forward to Heat Miser and the rest of the Rankin Bass goodies.

So is it too early for me to post a Christmas story? I’ll at least have the decency to wait until Monday, when it’s December and Christmas is slightly more appropriate.

I’ve avoided reposts this year (only 2!) but there are a couple I have to post, they are Mr. Blog traditions and you can probably guess what a couple of them are. (HINT: Chef Boyardee is involved in one of them.)

So there’ll be a mix of old and new coming up, some classic laughs, and up next is the new, the Christmas story I mentioned earlier. It’ll be here on Monday.





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