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Is It Christmas Yet? Sneak Peek Of The Season

30 Nov

November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving is over, the local lite FM station went all-Yuletide last week, and parts of the U.S. just had their first major snowfall. So is it Christmas yet?

It may as well be, since I just watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas is up next. And I’m looking forward to Heat Miser and the rest of the Rankin Bass goodies.

So is it too early for me to post a Christmas story? I’ll at least have the decency to wait until Monday, when it’s December and Christmas is slightly more appropriate.

I’ve avoided reposts this year (only 2!) but there are a couple I have to post, they are Mr. Blog traditions and you can probably guess what a couple of them are. (HINT: Chef Boyardee is involved in one of them.)

So there’ll be a mix of old and new coming up, some classic laughs, and up next is the new, the Christmas story I mentioned earlier. It’ll be here on Monday.





Top Ten Poorly Conceived Children’s Holiday Specials

29 Nov

November 29, 2012

A Very Brady Arbor Day

Happy Thanksgiving, Idi Amin!

The Family Chanel Presents A Token Black Christmas

Because if there has ever been a black person on the Family Channel I’ve never seen him.

Rudolph’s Shiny Cancerous Growth

Nancy Pelosi Explains The Fiscal Cliff, Live from Rockefeller Center


Sinners Go To Hell, Charlie Brown

Heat Miser’s Gay Pride Celebration

Lil Wayne Saves Santa

They Legalized It, Frosty!

December 21st, 2012: There Is No Future

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