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The 2020 Fonzie Christmas Meme!

24 Dec

December 25, 2020

Ah, can you hear it? Santa’s sleigh is on the roof, and dropping down the chimney is the original Man in Red himself, Satan Santa! Yes, Jolly St. Nick is here to personally deliver this year’s 2020 Fonzie Fumetti, the All-New Fonzie Christmas Meme! Gather around, all ye faithful Mr. Blog readers! There is plenty of room around the fireplace. I’ve put out enough chairs for all four of you this year! (What’s that, Aunt Edwina? You can’t make it? I’m so sorry. And yes, I will have the chairs back around the dining room table. Yes, I’ll wipe them off. I know the basement is sooty.)


Mr. Blog continues to take the low road.

And look! Here they are, the Ghosts of Blog Christmas Past. Christmases? Christmasessisis? Whatever. You only need to know how to conjugate Christmas once a year anyway, and as a tried and true Pastafarian, I’m not worried about it.




Around here, we love this guy. And who wouldn’t! You can look girls, but don’t swoon!

Mr. Blog says: There were better pictures we could have used, but none as funny. Why the heck is The Fonz making love to his thumb?



The 5 Memes of Christmas Day 4: Casual Racism

18 Dec

December 18, 2020

The 5 Memes of Christmas is a series running every Friday this month until the unveiling of the bmj2k.com Annual Fonzie Christmas Meme. Each week we will spotlight a Great Moment in Santa History from Classic TV. This is week 4: Casual racism

I’ve saved the best for next to last. Archie Bunker comes face to face with Black Santa, AKA Henry Jefferson. There’s not much I need to say about this classic, except, whatever happened to Henry Jefferson? Once George Jefferson showed up, Henry left and was never heard from again.

Even on The Jeffersons, no one ever mentioned Henry, he never came for a visit, nada. I have a theory that maybe he really was Santa Claus, came down to Earth for a short while just to annoy Archie and give me some fodder for this blog, then went back to the North Pole to make knock off toys for all the good little kiddies.

And speaking of The Jeffersons, Louise’s best friend Edith never came for a visit, and when Sammy Davis Jr. stopped by, Weezie totally forgot that she met him years before at Archie Bunker’s house. I suspect that The Jeffersons is not a spinoff at all but just a series that coincidentally follows a completely different family named Jefferson that never lived next door to the Bunkers.

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