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Seinfeld 2017

31 Jan

January 31, 2017

Wondering what George and Jerry are bickering about these days? Wonder no more. It’s…

800px-seinfeld_logo-2017George: Hey, didn’t you like my joke?
Jerry: What joke?
G: The one I texted you last night. About how Barack Obama’s dog gets the Secret Service to keep other dogs away from his fire hydrant?
J: Oh yeah, it was funny.
G: You thought it was funny?
J: Yeah, not bad, Georgie Boy.
G: (annoyed) So where was my emoji?


J: Your what?
G: You didn’t send me a smiley face. You didn’t even LOL.
J: Oh come on!
G: Yes! Yes! If it’s funny you’re supposed to send an emoji. That’s what you do. If you like something you send a thumbs up, or a smiley face. If it’s funny you write back LOL or maybe send a gif of a laughing monkey.
J: Why would I do that when I’ve got a laughing monkey right here?
G: (angry) You owe me an emoji Jerry!
J: I don’t send out emojis that easily. Your joke was barely a chuckle. It wasn’t emoji-worthy.


G: This is not how the internet works! People send all kinds of emojis. Kramer sends emojis all the time!
J: Oh, Kramer! He doesn’t know an LOL from an ROTFL!
G: You owe me an emoji Jerry!
J: And you owe me $235 for my drone you crashed last week trying to see the Giants for free.
G: (contrite) Let’s call it even.




The Saturday Comics: Bozo the Clown

12 Nov

November 12, 2011

Allow me to introduce Bozo.

Bozo was a little before my time. I still had tons of Bozo coloring books and pictures though. My grandpa worked for a company that did business with Keds, the sneaker company. He got a ton of freebies. All throughout my youth I wore Pro-Keds, those blue canvas sneakers with the rubber Keds tag on the back. For some reason I always peeled it off.

One of the things we also grew up with were giant Bozo coloring pads. These were big pads, maybe three feet tall (but I was a lot smaller so who knows how big they really were) and each sheet was a black and white picture of Bozo to color in. Every page was the same picture but I didn’t care. I’d lay on the floor and color the day away. It was great being a kid.

Anyway, Bozo gives me a touch of nostalgia. Here is Bozo’s comic book. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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