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HAPPY BLOGSGIVING! (Classic Turkey Repost)

21 Nov

November 21st, 2012

Today is the biggest travel days of the year, and therefore one of the lowest days of blog traffic. I’m taking a mini-break today and tomorrow with a pair of very Classic Reposts. In fact, this one goes all the way back to my old MySpace days. Ah, yes, the cynical MySpace era, where I blogged once a week or, if I got crazy, as much as three times a week. But I also had a much smaller audience and when I moved to WordPress I dumped all my old blogs here in one lump so the odds are pretty good that almost no one reading this blog has ever read this post. So is it new? As NBC annoyingly said a few years ago, “if you haven’t seen it, it is new to you.”

from November 23, 2007


Ah, the holidays. Thanksgiving is the official kick-off the Holiday Season. As off 7:01 pm on Thanksgiving night it is now Christmas.

That’s right, it is now Christmas. As I write this on Friday, November 23, 2007, it is Christmas. Christmas music on the radio, Christmas decorations on the Avenue, Christmas sales in the stores, and lots of tools sleeping in tents to beat the crowds and get the sales.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, at 4:21 pm. I saw a line of young teenage tools lined up outside of Best Buy. The line was a good 150 deep. And the store wouldn’t open for another 12 ½ hours! They had chairs, tents, and barbeques. Everything except toilet facilities. But they didn’t have any at Woodstock either and that worked out just fine. Everyone knows how clean and orderly Woodstock was.

Holidays are a time for family and friends. I hate family and friends! OK, so hate is a harsh word. So are loathe and despise.

But the holidays get you away from work, which is always nice. Except when you take work home with you, which is always bad. I took work home over this break. No, actually, I didn’t. I didn’t need to take the work home because the DAMN WORK IS ONLINE, MEANING THAT I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM IT!

But I broke away from the computer long enough to buy some Christmas cards. Really nice ones featuring my hero, The Grinch.

So on this holiday, at this time of love, peace, and goodwill towards men, I’ll leave you all with my message of love and understanding:………………………….., um as soon as I have one I’ll let you know.

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