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My Hero

31 Dec

December 31, 2012

As 2012 comes to an end, I find myself yet another year older and as the days pass, I also find myself more humble and contemplative. 2012 was a year of division, a year of strife, a year of conflict. Yet it was also a year of hope and a year of dreams. In this spirit, I think that perhaps a moment of reflection is due.

Over the years, I have encountered many whom I consider inspirations. There are those who suffer the worst indignities of disease and suffering yet hold their heads high. There are those who cling to their beliefs of what is right when all others around them urge them to do wrong, and there are those whose upright posture and forthright manner inspire others to be honest and dignified in all aspects of life.

But my hero is Godzilla. He never took any crap from anybody.

He kicked King Kong’s ass and when push came to shove he wasn’t against the occasional low blow.

Right in the circus peanuts!

Right in the circus peanuts!

He knew how to make an entrance. As Leo Durocher once said, he doesn’t enter a place like he owns it, he enters a place  like he doesn’t care who owns it.

This pyro puts the WWE to shame. Think Kane has a lot of flames? Think again.

This pyro puts the WWE to shame. Think Kane has a lot of flames in his entrance? Think again.

He never let his prison record set him back either. Whenever I hear people say that there are no opportunities for ex-cons I just laugh.


And above all, he can dance!


You can have your Gamera, you can keep your Barugan, and don’t even mention Spiga in the same breath. This is Godzilla. And this is my hero.

Sneak Peek of the Week of December 30th, 2012

30 Dec

December 30, 2012


Well here we are, just about 2013. I guess the Mayans were wrong. And why did we expect them to be right? It isn’t like they built such a great and enduring civilization. What did they leave behind? A broken calendar and some empty beer bottles.

MONDAY: I wrap up the year with a touching look at my hero, my inspiration in life.
TUESDAY: A special Tuesday edition of Allan Keyes’ Fun With Teh Internets. Hey, wasn’t Tuesday the old home of The American Chopper Weekly Rundown? Yup. This will all make sense come Tuesday, heh heh heh.
WEDNESDAY: I will FINALLY get around to accepting those blog awards I’ve been putting off. And even better- I debut my newest award!
THURSDAY: The sad tale of a man befuddled by his local fast food franchise.
FRIDAY: The Imponderable looks at flatulence.
SATURDAY: The Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys! That’s all I can say for now.

See ya!

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