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Sneak Peek of the Week of November 25th, 2012

25 Nov

November 25, 2012

Wow! Look at that crowd lined up at the Mr. BTR store! This is Thanksgiving weekend and the sales are amazing! Wacky! Get-’em while-you-can-tastic!

This week, Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride has a new doorbuster sale every day of the week!

MONDAY! HALF OFF ALLEN KEYES! Allen Keyes looks at some of the best battles you can find on Youtube. but beware- these guys don’t play fair.

TUESDAY! AMERICAN CHOPPER- GET IT WHILE YOU CAN AT 90% OFF! Yes, this show is moving fast with only 4 episodes left until the series finale. Get it before it is gone!

WEDNESDAY! BUY ONE INTRODUCTION GET ONE FREE! Introduction to what? You will get an advance peek at the all-new introduction to the third edition of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Book!

THURSDAY! A TOP TEN LIST AT ONLY TEN BUCKS! Coming late in the week will be the Top Ten Poorly conceived Holiday Specials. At that price it will fly off the shelves!

FRIDAY! A SPECIAL OVERNIGHT SALE! Pippa Middleton is famous for one thing, but we’ll ignore that and take a look at her holiday book instead.

SATURDAY! THE TREASURE CHEST OF TERRIBLE TOYS PRICES SLASHED! A special look at a special Masters of the Universe toy.

All returns must be accompanied by a receipt, prices only valid at

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