Allan Keyes Recalls the FOX EPIC LINEUP!

4 Mar

March 4, 2013


Remember when Fox Network programming sucked? I mean it sucks now, but in the same general way that all networks suck nowadays. But remember when Fox was just getting off the ground in the original programming game? The good shows like 21 Jump Street (or as I call it, the Richard Grieco Experience) and Married With Children were few and far between, but crap like romantic comedy Duet (soon turned into unfunny comedy Open House )  was the norm.  That said, I still like Parker Lewis Can’t Lose to this day, and if you say anything bad about it, well you and I are gonna have harsh words son.

Now this is not an exhaustive list – Fox has had MANY sucktastic shows from Models Inc. (notable only because it provided a classic Simpsons line. I’ll let you have the joy of Googling it) to something called Top of the Heap,  the epic fail Married With Children spinoff that gave us Matt LeBlanc playing the classic TV character, Vinny Verducci. 

There was one point where Fox had an absolutely EPIC power bloc of programs that Mr. B and I still talk about to this day:

Hermans Head  

It’s not actually a bad idea: quasi-likeable William Ragsdale has to navigate life based on the infighting and bickering of the personified voices in his head. It was probably the least objectionably pathetic of these early Fox shows. It displayed occasional flashes of almost-comedy, and at one point Yeardley Smith joined the show, giving it major starpower.  Fox currently has a void in the “voices in my head” show now that House is off the air. It’s also a good thing that William Ragsdale turned down the offer to play Jack Bauer in 24 some years later, otherwise TV history may have been quite different!

Good Grief     

A sitcom about a funeral home. Featuring a transvestite and Howie Mandel. What more do you need?  And what more do I need to say? Not that I  can – I remember nothing about this show save that it sucked.

Woops !

This is the holy grail for me. I could not find a single clip of this anywhere! Only the following two stills.  If you have clips, or know where to find, send me the info and Mr. B will pay you handsomely. Basically the cute premise- by a fluke chain of events, the world ends due to nuclear holocaust (which makes the title design below all the more ironic. Haha! Mass death is funny! I understand the original title for this series was “Dancing on Our Graves” but for some reason the censors vetoed it)

Anyway, the central conceit of this show is that somehow – I don’t care enough to check, sorry – a disparate group of survivors ends up in a cabin that they can’t leave because of giant spiders lurking outside. And as you can imagine, hilarity ensues when personalities clash!


whoops cast


You think any of the actors involved put this on their resume? Or would admit to it?


One Response to “Allan Keyes Recalls the FOX EPIC LINEUP!”

  1. Allenkeyes March 4, 2013 at 12:07 am #

    And remember “In stereo where available” lol


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