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Sneak Peek of the Week of March 31st, 2013

31 Mar

March 31, 2013


Is that mule farting in Popeye’s face? I really think it is. That mule is farting in Popeye’s face. I really love the golden age of animation.

From time to time I get a little worried about Popeye. Concerned. Is he doing all right? Is everything ok? Is Swee’ Pea still an infant after 70 or so years? So after Allan Keyes goes a little nuts on Monday ranting about political correctness (among other things) I’ll check in with a trio of classic posts featuring Popeye. And after the all-new Popeye-themed Friday Imponderable, an all-new Saturday post all about my favorite mumbling sailor.

All this, and most likely more too, all this week on

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