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Allan Keyes Looks At The World And Says “Ugh.”

18 Mar

March 18, 2013


So here I was, searching the web for help with my……erm, uh, “colon problem” and when I googled “little poopies” what did I discover (besides the fact that I needed to put my safe search on before I went blind?)



Lil Poopy in full flow. lil-pooper-adult-abuse-lead

Evidentally “Lil Poopy” is a 9-yr old victim of child abuse rapper who’s alleged “parents” are under investigation for any and all myriad of offenses, including ruining that sweet car with those awful garish rims.

Even though Mr. B has all but begged me to write about this (with this type of awfulness being right up my wheelhouse) I’ve held off, mainly because seeing epic-level irresponsibility such as this makes me tired to my soul. I simply can’t summon the righteous fury needed for this topic. It’s times like this that I wish I was a racist – I’d doubtless have no trouble going on a 4-page screed in that case. 

Ok, I lie – I am angry. Reading this makes me want to hit someone:

Nate Hill

Yeah, this jagoff. I was thinking about him yesterday and I realized that he still needs to get his sad-sack ass kicked.

Anyway, life imitates art I suppose. I watched that kid rapping and I was reminded of my favorite episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force:


Remember kids, go to 642, Wharf Avenue! Ask for Carl.

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