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Who Was That Masked Politician? / Japan Is At It Again

28 Mar

March 28, 2013

news roundup week!

I spend a lot of time on this blog ranting about Japan. In fact, if you type “Japan” in that search box up on the right, you’ll find that I spend a full 87% of my blog time yelling about how screwed up Japan is. This is the land of urinal video games, geriatric porn stars, virtual kissing machines, robotic buttocks, and weird-looking full-face hair net things. To be fair, this week, the phenomenon I am reporting is also found in Mexico. But to be fair to me, this story didn’t come from Mexico, it came from Japan.


Where the Hell should I begin?

Right here!

“Councillor Skull Reaper, you have the floor.”
“Thank you. I would like to propose a bill to stop those jabronies who litter our streets with trash. I propose to put each and every one of those litterbugs in my Skull Reaper Headlock from which no opponent has escaped.”
“Um, Councillor Skull Reaper, do you really think that-”
“Whatchoo gonna do when Skull Reaper A-ji goes wild on you? Grr!” (Rips off shirt, climbs on top of desk, flexes.)

C-mon, seriously? Look, we here in the USA have also voted wrestlers into office (Jesse Ventura), but our loony wrestlers take their masks off. They don’t parade around Congress in feathered boas, although if they did then may be I would watch C-SPAN.

“If I take my mask off, I am an entirely different person.”
Riiiiiight… call the guys with the white suits and padded cells right now.

Not for the wrestler, but for the voters who put him in office.

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