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Sneak Peek of the Week of March 13th

13 Mar

March 13, 2011

WCW was a very second-rate wrestling organization. Despite being, for a brief moment, the hottest company in wrestling (thanks to the NWO invasion angle) they had a history of mostly uninterrupted incompetence. No one in charge knew what they were doing. Scripts were written and rewritten just minutes before the show aired. And the in-ring product? Arachnaman. Heavy Metal Van Hammer. World Champion David Arquette. One year their business cards listed their location as “Altanta.” To show how clueless they were, major pay-per-view events were promoted without any idea of who was on the card. How bad were they? I have only uncovered the merest tip of the iceberg. In fact, what you see reproduced below is an actual ad ran by their pay-per-view company.

Imagine trying to promote a concert and not knowing who will be performing. It was that bad. Of course, knowing who was performing didn’t help WCW since some of their pay-per-view ratings were so low you might reach more people if you put on a puppet show in your front window.

I believe in keeping my loyal readers informed. Here is a taste of what you can expect this week.

Yes, that’s me. That was taken ten years ago at Stonehenge. Looking back, I am gratified to note that my hairline is relatively unchanged. Picture Postcard will this week feature pictures taken by yours truly.

I am going to keep the spotlight on me with this blog in which I will take a look back at my classic review of Up while also highlighting some amazing but stupid use of technology.

Yep, you guessed it, my fourth phone book blog. It has been a year since I last ranted and raved about the phone book, earning the ire of someone in the phone book biz. This should be interesting.

I also vent about one of my favorite pet peeves, the Walt Disney Conundrum.

What else can you expect? Only time will tell. Read it with someone you love. Better yet, read it with someone you really dislike. With any luck, after that they’ll leave you alone.

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