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The Man Called Moron.

23 Mar

March 23, 2011

Check this out:

When you name a kid Joe Moron you are setting him up for failure. Would you make an appointment to have Doctor Moron remove your cataracts? Would you take spiritual advice from Reverend Moron? Would you vote for Senator Moron? OK, scratch that last one. Millions of Americans do. But my point is what do you expect when someone’s name is Moron? I would expect him to change it as soon as he turned 18 but I guess that is too much to expect from a Moron.

And here’s another moron (or two or three.)

By now it isn’t worth railing about how inept the TSA is. It is like complaining that the sky is blue or that Charlie Sheen is brain damaged. We know all of these things. It is much more interesting when TSA finds a sharp belt or a staple remover because then they call a news conference, hold up the terrorist nose hair clipper and say “look mommy, TSA done good!” Then we smile an understanding smile, pat it on the head, and give TSA a juice box and a nap.

But is anyone else concerned that a woman is hiding sharp knives in her granddaughter’s baby carriage? Does this not strike anyone else as extremely stupid? I suppose the baby also plays with a barbed wire teddy bear at home. This moron has a great future in homeland security.

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