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This Is CNN?

2 Mar

March 2, 2011

FOX News is beating CNN in the television news ratings and it isn’t hard to see why. Here are five reasons. These news items are taken from They are all from the same day.

Reason #1- Insulting to Europe.

CNN clearly has an anti-Europe bias. Take a look at this unaltered graphic.

Asia: Petraeus-Afghan tension?
Americas: Hundreds mourn slain U.S. agent.
Europe: Why Fergie not invited to wedding (No matter what punctuation you stick at the end of it, the grammar just doesn’t work.)

Not only does Europe get represented by a lightweight fluff piece, but it is written in caveman talk. Why Fergie not invited to wedding? Me sad. Fergie not invited, am me invited? Am CNN invited to wedding?

Reason #2- Misses the obvious.

These links appeared next to each other just as shown.
“Tree ambassador” warns UN.
Saving Auburn’s poisoned trees.

Gee, I wonder what the “tree ambassador” was warning about? Seems obvious to me. And even if there is no link (which, honestly, there probably isn’t) how did they decide that one goes in “Living and Eatocracy” and the other in “Justice”? Shouldn’t they both be in the same category? And seriously, “eatocracy”?

Reason #3- Doesn’t do its own reporting

CNN is planning to do a feature on Hollywood and they want to run your pictures. I have a few questions.

1- If I am taking the pictures of Hollywood, then I must be in Hollywood. So why do I need CNN’s Hollywood feature?
2- CNN doesn’t have any pictures of Hollywood in their files?
3- They want celebrity pictures in honor of the Oscars. Is CNN not planning on sending anyone to cover the Oscars?
4- Why is CNN illustrating an article about Hollywood with a photo that could be from anyplace in the world except Hollywood?
5- Isn’t the overall premise of this the same as looking at other people’s vacation photos? Don’t people try to avoid that?

Reason #4- Odd celebrity pandering

Every news organization covers celebrates, some with more fawning than others. This one seems to be working against them. After seeing this, I have to wonder if maybe Justin Timberlake really is a jerk.

Reason #5- Ruins things for the rest of us.

Can’t they just keep their mouths shut? These places used to be quiet and secluded, but since CNN outed them they are full of obnoxious tourists and overpriced Starbucks’.  Thanks a lot, CNN. I used to be able to book a room at any of these places, no even the Buddhist temple halfway up Mount Everest is booked for the next six months.

Great work CNN. Keep it up and soon you’ll be beaten by MSNBC, The Wisconsin Boondocks Ledger, and al-Jezeera.

Thanks to JRD of Skinner.FM for keeping CNN honest!

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