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Et Tu, Brutus?

12 Mar

March 12, 2011

You guys know that I love all things Popeye. For example, I wrote about the big Popeye celebration held every year in Chester, Illinois. It features Popeye-related fun. such as hayrides and horseshoe games. What makes them Popeye-related? I don’t know. But Chester Illinois celebration is the one time each year that any extremely flat-chested and plain looking girls are guaranteed the spotlight if they wear ugly red dresses that come down to their ankles. Guys with Olive Oyl fetishes flock there from all over the country to emulate their cartoon heroes and compete to see who sexually assaults Olive first. Isn’t that what every Popeye cartoon comes down to? Popeye and Brutus compete to see who can force Olive Oyl into the sack. It is like an episode of Law and Order: SVU waiting to happen.

I also recently posted a great internet find. In this old comic strip Popeye, in true establishment fashion, beat up a hippie. Does it get more American than that?

Today I feature an installment of another great, but not nearly so old comic strip, Mother Goose and Grimm. Look closely and you may see a familiar face making a cameo appearance.

For other comic strip fun, check out this Rex Morgan strip where the good doctor checks a man’s prostate and this Blondie strip where some questionable language is used.

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