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Picture Postcard Wednesday

9 Mar

March 9, 2011- midday

This photo was sent in to by a listener. Here are his comments:

The photo was taken after clouds from Cyclone Diane crossed our coast on 20th February [2011]. The brightest ‘blood-red’ colour I’ve seen from a sunset. I decided to title it ‘Fire in the Sky’ after recent bush fires destroyed 70 homes in Perth.

Perth, Western Australia

March News Roundup- British Edition

9 Mar

March 9, 2011



Mr. Blog to Mock Headlines Worldwide


Can there be any story more quintessentially British? If only the butler’s name was Jeeves it would be perfect. Smithers works too.

It is heartening to know that no matter how bad the world’s economy gets we can always count on the classic British Upper Class Twit.


That is a real letter to the editor and as proof that I am a product of the New York City educational system I had to read it twice, and then I still didn’t understand the headline. My inner Beavis was still giggling at “lapwing.”
How utterly genteel and sophisticated. Over here I rarely see letters to the editor without an “asshat” or two. 
The lapwing… The lapwing.


You know why this doesn’t happen more over here? We have guns.
“Hey you! I saw you steal the American equivalent of 845 pounds! I’m taking you to the police station!
“Say hello to my little friend!”

What I really don’t understand is how the thief was let off with a caution. Judge Judy would have beheaded him. I also don’t understand all those wigs they wear in court. What’s up with that?

Can you name this famous Brit?___________________________________________________________________________________________

What British newspaper would be complete without a Page Three girl? Not this one.
Here’s Geri Halliwell. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

And finally, just when you begin to think that the British are a sophisticated and subtle lot, there’s this:

As the Queen would say “We are not amused.”

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