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The Saturday Comics: Mary Worth

19 Mar

March 19, 2011- midday


The irony is that I read this online.

The Saturday Comics: Henry

19 Mar

March 19, 2011

Newspapers are dying and I blame comic strips like this:

Put yourself in the position of anyone age 8 to 28 reading that strip. An average person’s thought process may go something like this:

1- Why is that kid wearing a sailboat on his head?
2- What the heck does “have your hat blocked” mean? Is it calling him a blockhead?
3- Why does he end up with a paper bag on his head?

Look in the second panel. You can clearly see the 2011 copywrite. And even if it is a classic strip, that wouldn’t matter since it was just reprinted this week. If even the comics page can’t keep up with the times, what hope is there for the rest of the paper? You can make the argument that the average age of the newspaper reader has gone up as youth has abandoned it. That would explain old fossils like Henry and Rex Morgan hanging around, and even Spider-Man is written by an 88 year-old Stan Lee.

I am not sure if newspapers are dying so much as they are committing suicide. They should replace Rex Morgan M.D. with Dr. Kevorkian.

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