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I Found it on eBay!

3 Mar

March 3, 2011

There is a saying that says that you spend your whole adulthood trying to buy back the toys of your youth. Nowhere is that truer than eBay. From old action figures to wooden duck pull toys that’s the site for you.

Of course, while you can find anything from old toys to replacement parts for your eight-track player, there are also things on eBay that you may have never thought to search for, and many more you may never want to search for. Luckily for you I did. I put in strange search terms like “worn socks” and “broken” just to see what I could find and lo and behold, I found. Oh boy did I find.

“Hot and steamy” used socks. I also found used underwear (both men’s and women’s) and quite a number of them made a special effort to point out that they have not been washed. Many descriptions explained in almost loving detail the odors associated with them. (You don’t want to see the pictures.) In fact, it seemed like the more dirty, smelly, and worn the clothes were the more bids they had. The item above is one of the tamer examples I found.

I would suggest that anyone looking for some quick cash could earn a fast buck selling their smelly socks and underwear online.

I also found celebrity underwear.

That is a trading card which has been “slabbed” with a tiny little piece of Elvis’ “event worn underwear” mounted in the corner.

Where did they get the underwear? From Elvis’ bodyguard. Who else but someone closest to him would have used his underwear to make a quick buck? (Click to enlarge- trust me, it is totally worth it to read that.)

I never, ever knew that Beckett graded underwear.

If this underwear wasn’t washed, I can only imagine what a piece of Elvis’s dirty and smelly underwear would sell for. It is times like this that I wish I didn’t have such a good imagination.

Moving to less gross areas, and I think nothing can be as gross as Elvis’ underwear, I searched “broken.”

Really, who would buy a broken Leapster? Especially when you can upgrade to a broken Leapster 2?

I also found broken statuary.

Who would buy this? And at $49.99? A unicorn with a missing  horn is just a horse! The horn is the whole point!

If there is one thing worse than a unicorn missing a horn, how a bout a puzzle missing a piece?

One of the most annoying things in the world is when you get to the end of a large jigsaw puzzle and find a piece missing. You spend hours and hours working on it when you get to the end there is a big empty spot where the last piece should have been, Oh well, at least this listing warns you up front that you are going to chuck the whole thing in the trash.

I found a lot of… interesting… items when I searched “inflatable.” Here is the clean one.

I bet these are a ton of fun for the thirty seconds your kids will play with them until they break.

Looking around my home I see many things that may bring some cash on eBay. I have a broken wooden clothes dryer, a brush missing half the bristles, and a pile of “hot and steamy” dirty laundry. Starting bid: $50.

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