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Chance Encounters in Time and Space, Episode Three

29 Apr

April 29, 2016

chance encounters in space

Tonight: Doctor Phil Meets Sigmund Freud

Doctor Phil: Oh gee whiz, I must have got lost walking backstage after the show. Robin? Where are you? Whoa, too many burritos, I think, this fog is pretty thick. What’s that? Footsteps? Hello? Hello! I can see you but I must be hallucinating! Doctor Sigmund Freud! Golly doctor, wow, you were such an influence on me as a young man, ho boy, this is an honor.

Sigmund Freud: I have seen your program. (Punches Doctor Phil in the nose.)

phil black eye

COMING SOON: Hillary Clinton meets a pack of hungry leopards while wearing a meat-flavored pantsuit







Chance Encounters in Time and Space, Episode Two

30 Dec

December 30, 2015

chance encounters in space

Tonight: President William Howard Taft Meets The Donner Party

President Taft: I can make neither heads nor tails of this. I was just in my office preparing for a meeting with the Treasury Secretary and now I am enveloped by this dense white fog. Endless! Endless! Oh! Sir! Oh goodness, people! What is this? Who may I ask are you?

Donner Party: Saved! We’re saved!



COMING SOON: Charlie Sheen meets a pack of angry bears

Taft Donner






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