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Dudes In Space!

12 Sep

September 12, 2018

It’s totally time to start a new space adventure!


The Time: The future. Way, way in the future, like when you get an estimate on how long it’ll take them to paint your house and it goes way past the estimate and they are charging you for like rags and stuff. What’s up with that? So yeah, that far in the future.

The Place: Space. Somewhere like in a nebula or something. Or a black hole. Whichever is cooler, take your pick. Maybe Underwater? Nah, space.

Super Space Guy Hunk Blockcheese strides across the bridge of his spaceship. It’s really awesome with lots of expensive bling. He stops near the navigator, Callie Fornia, and flexes. He’s like got a crush on her and stuff but he’s too much of a wuss to tell her, so after a couple of minutes he goes to the gym to oil his pecs.

Meanwhile, somewhere else far away, maybe on a planet or a moon or something, there’s this evil guy all covered with tats. He has like a real mad on for Hunk Blockcheese because of something that happened in high school. It was totally his mom’s fault for always buying him those cheap department store pants. He doesn’t want to talk about it.

Blockcheese comes back from the gym, all pumped up. He sits in his chair and wants to know like where they are, you know, with coordinates and things like that. He’s trying to sound all professional and stuff because he thinks Callie Fornia likes those kinda guys.

This spaceship also has robots too, and they can fly.


Like wow! This is going to be … good?




Chance Encounters in Time and Space, Episode Three

29 Apr

April 29, 2016

chance encounters in space

Tonight: Doctor Phil Meets Sigmund Freud

Doctor Phil: Oh gee whiz, I must have got lost walking backstage after the show. Robin? Where are you? Whoa, too many burritos, I think, this fog is pretty thick. What’s that? Footsteps? Hello? Hello! I can see you but I must be hallucinating! Doctor Sigmund Freud! Golly doctor, wow, you were such an influence on me as a young man, ho boy, this is an honor.

Sigmund Freud: I have seen your program. (Punches Doctor Phil in the nose.)

phil black eye

COMING SOON: Hillary Clinton meets a pack of hungry leopards while wearing a meat-flavored pantsuit







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