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The 2023 Flash Gordon New Year’s Meme… From Space!

30 Dec

December 31, 2022

Once again, we, the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (our motto: Hello? Is anyone out there?) stubbornly persist in our belief that Flash Gordon is still somehow relevant to today’s hip and with-it youth.

(Grrr, those long-haired hippies with their in-line skates, wearing their baseball caps backwards, vaping their doobies all over the place. But I digress.)

For the fourth year in a row, on the cusp of the eve of New Year’s, or something like that, we present the Annual Official Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Meme… FROM SPACE!*

* Remember: Accept only officially authorized Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Memes… FROM SPACE!

Did you miss any of our previous Annual Official Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Memes… FROM SPACE!? Do you really care if you did? Well fret not, you obviously drunk people, here, courtesy of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride’s parent conglomerate, GOMALCO Industries, are all the old Annual Official yada yada yada that’s a lot to type FROM SPACE!





HA! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.


Huh? It’s Halloween Again?

17 Oct

October 17, 2022

Here we are, middle of October, and Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (our motto: We stopped trying a long time ago. Remember when we used to post every single day?) has been conspicuously absent of Halloween material. Well, there’s a good reason for that.

Give me a minute, I’ll think of something.

Anyway, last year I had a great idea for a Halloween post. I had been at the movies watching a rerelease of a classic Universal horror film, and I realized that I had an interesting idea for a blog, a review of that film but from a different perspective than usual. It really was interesting and not something that had been done to death, which is not easy to come up with considering that the film is around 80 years old.

The problem, however, is that the idea came to me on November 2nd.

But it is a really good idea and it excited me and I went so far as to jot down some notes and create some images to go with the review. Actual writing? Not so much.

So here it is, about two weeks to go until Halloween, and I have yet to write that review. (Instead I’m writing a pre-apology.) It isn’t like I did nothing, I made the images that go with this post. Took me all of ten minutes.

I do honestly hope to write the thing (it’s all plotted out in my head) but if the recent history of this blog holds true, I may or may not have it ready for Halloween 2023.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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