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The 2023 Flash Gordon New Year’s Meme… From Space!

30 Dec

December 31, 2022

Once again, we, the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (our motto: Hello? Is anyone out there?) stubbornly persist in our belief that Flash Gordon is still somehow relevant to today’s hip and with-it youth.

(Grrr, those long-haired hippies with their in-line skates, wearing their baseball caps backwards, vaping their doobies all over the place. But I digress.)

For the fourth year in a row, on the cusp of the eve of New Year’s, or something like that, we present the Annual Official Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Meme… FROM SPACE!*

* Remember: Accept only officially authorized Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Memes… FROM SPACE!

Did you miss any of our previous Annual Official Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride Flash Gordon New Year’s Memes… FROM SPACE!? Do you really care if you did? Well fret not, you obviously drunk people, here, courtesy of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride’s parent conglomerate, GOMALCO Industries, are all the old Annual Official yada yada yada that’s a lot to type FROM SPACE!





HA! Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.


Great Moments In Comic Book History: Darkhawk #27 (Marvel, May 1993)

16 Aug

August 16, 2021

With Marvel relaunching 90’s hero Darkhawk, I thought it was a good opportunity to revisit an issue of his first series, from 1993.

Darkhawk issue 27 is a team-up with the New Warriors, themselves a team created in the boom-era 1990’s. This is the second part of a storyline called Shattered Fates, in which Zarrko, a bald, paunchy time-traveling villain who is inexplicably dressed in the same green jumpsuit Dr. Octopus wears, has offered the heroes to go back in time and fix some wrong of their choosing in exchange for helping him in some vague plan of his to save the future.

Zarrko is a time traveler, much like Kang the Conqueror (who also wears green. Hmmm…) He is attended by his fearsome thug, Servitor. How fearsome is he? Check this out.

That slice of pizza never stood a chance.

What better way to show your power, your awesome might, to intimidate your opponents and forestall all defiance than to vaporize a slice of cold pizza that has displeased your master?

This is why Kang is the baddie of the next wave of the MCU and not Zarrko.

Darkhawk 27 was written by Danny Fingeroth, penciled by Tod Smith, inked by Chris Ivy, colored by Troy Sayers, and lettered by Bill Oakley. Pizza by Original Rays Pizza.

And as a side note, look how awed the heroes are in the last panel. I bet The Avengers would not have been one bit impressed.

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