American Chopper- Pimpin’ for The Man

4 Sep

September 4, 2021

Mr. Blog is not a paid attorney spokesman, but Paul Teutul Sr. Is.

I used to do recaps of American Chopper every week, eventually live-blogging it as it aired. It’s a part of this blog that I’d rather forget. I am sure that watching that show killed more brain cells than if I had a motorcycle accident. But if I did have a motorcycle accident, I’m sure Paul Teutul Sr.- non-lawyer paid spokesperson – could recommend one.

Or three.

Or five.

How many lawyers does Paul Sr. shill for?

All the lawyers!

Behold the withering glower of Paul Teutul Sr.!

Those are not all the firms I found. I could have gone on and on. They shuffled lawyers in and out of the studio to stand next to the fading physique of Paul Sr., stopping just long enough for Sr. to stand and glower and (probably) call his son “numb nuts” a few times while the cameras filmed a few seconds to make it look like Sr. had some clue of the names of the people next to him.

This says less about Paul Sr. than it does for the lawyers, all of whose firms are not independent at all but part of a legal referral network that sends your case to a local law firm depending on your location.

Paul Sr. has likely not spent more than ten minutes with any of those people. That’s OK, after watching season after season of American Chopper, I can guess that Sr. had a massage appointment to get to.


2 Responses to “American Chopper- Pimpin’ for The Man”

  1. Make Mice September 11, 2021 at 11:03 am #

    What’s wrong with making money from your name? I’m sure the money isn’t rolling in like it was back when his TV show was at its peak & his name becomes less valuable by the second so I have no problem with that. As far as the lawyers go I have no problem with them either. It’s a business & advertising is about exposing your brand to new people. Using American Chopper to grab attention may not be as effective as tits & ass but it’s something. I think it says more about you that you’ve posted a blog about this.


    • bmj2k September 12, 2021 at 9:41 pm #

      Yup. It says that I like getting the views that American Chopper posts bring to this site.


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