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Look Who Dropped In For Halloween!

21 Oct

October 21, 2022

Imagine the surprise on the faces of the Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (Home of the Sometimes-It-Is-Almost-Amusing Blog) when there was a knock on the door and a hearty “trick or treat” was heard on the porch. We opened the door and instead of the costumed kids we expected, there stood the prodigious bulk of Tor Johnson Norman Snackmunch!

Last time we saw Big Norman he was trapped in a Burger King during the pandemic and loving it.

Well he’s back, gracing us with his new Halloween message!

Remember kids, obesity is not a joke. Poor Mr. Snackmunch has a life expectancy of about 12 minutes, meaning that he may be rotting in the ground before that poor pumpkin.


Imponderable #140: Did They Want An MBA?

21 Jul

July 21, 2022

Today’s newsy head-scratcher was written in Australia, where they may have higher standards for hookers than anywhere else.

So, I wonder, what exactly was it that the sex worker was unqualified for? The scientists seemed pretty satisfied.

Didn’t they check her resume?

The question is Imponderable.


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