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The 2020 Fonzie Christmas Meme!

24 Dec

December 25, 2020

Ah, can you hear it? Santa’s sleigh is on the roof, and dropping down the chimney is the original Man in Red himself, Satan Santa! Yes, Jolly St. Nick is here to personally deliver this year’s 2020 Fonzie Fumetti, the All-New Fonzie Christmas Meme! Gather around, all ye faithful Mr. Blog readers! There is plenty of room around the fireplace. I’ve put out enough chairs for all four of you this year! (What’s that, Aunt Edwina? You can’t make it? I’m so sorry. And yes, I will have the chairs back around the dining room table. Yes, I’ll wipe them off. I know the basement is sooty.)


Mr. Blog continues to take the low road.

And look! Here they are, the Ghosts of Blog Christmas Past. Christmases? Christmasessisis? Whatever. You only need to know how to conjugate Christmas once a year anyway, and as a tried and true Pastafarian, I’m not worried about it.




Around here, we love this guy. And who wouldn’t! You can look girls, but don’t swoon!

Mr. Blog says: There were better pictures we could have used, but none as funny. Why the heck is The Fonz making love to his thumb?



Sure She’s Beautiful, But What About Those Pants?

27 Aug

August 27, 2020

You what I like about Facebook? No, really, I mean it. Tell me, what the heck do I like about that thing? I dunno.

Anyway, an ad popped up on Facebook and interrupted my perusal of posts in the very engaging and thought-provoking  Brony Costume Tips I mean Jean-Paul Sartre Critical Analysis group. It was a UPS ad. And being the kind of guy I am, I actually looked at the comments in a United Parcel Service advertisement.

Be honest- you didn’t notice that I cut off most of the text, did you?

The comments fell into two basic categories:

  2. That girl is hot! Who is she?

This was probably not a good spend of the UPS ad budget.

Well, like any good husband I’m terrified of my wife, so I didn’t make a comment one way or the other on the hot-or-not-ness of the girl. I also didn’t comment on the general suckitude of UPS, but that was just out of sheer not-caringitude. (Longtime readers may recall that I was formerly an English teacher, though you couldn’t tell that from the last sentences.)

But I kept scrolling through the comments as frankly it was more interesting than the Brony costume sewing advice I mean Jean-Paul Sartre debate I had been reading. And as I kept scrolling, more interesting comments came up. A debate began to rage about her pants. What’s up with those shiny rubber Hammer pants?

That’s all I want to know now. What’s up with those pants? It’s got to be some exercise thing, right? Like you work out in those really warm and heavy pants that don’t breath and you sweat a lot and eventually you melt the pounds away due to sheer disgusting body fluid loss?

What’s up with those pants???




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