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American Chopper: Full Circle

22 Oct

October 22, 2012

As always, I will update this blog live as the show progresses.

American Chopper (Season 8)
Full Circle
Junior visits OCC and brainstorms with Senior about potential future collaborations including creating a production line of bikes.  Meanwhile, PJD finishes a bike for RoadLoK while OCC starts a SuperBike build

According to the tease, OCC and PJD will be working together on a project. Sounds good, and then it smash cuts to Jason who is making funny voices and you wonder how anyone, anyone at all, from PJD can stand to be in the same room as that dunce cap.

OCC is building their first high-performance bike, which for some reason sounds wrong. And you know what else sounds wrong? Hearing Jason gleefully cream his pants about a “crotch rocket.” Meanwhile Skeeter, the old man in the shop who pops up from time to time, is front and center because he seems to be the only one in the shop who ever built that kind of bike.

PJD is assembling the RoadBlok bike and they’ll unveil it in Sturgis. Strange who they edit this show, you’d think that one of the shops goes down to Sturgis every other week. If you believed the show, Sturgis is a non-stop biker party.

And at 9:07… Paulie goes to OCC to talk about the commercial they discussed last week.

Mike seemed happy to see Paulie, and of course Rick too. Lots of small talk, but not too strained. Amiable, friendly.
“I don’t feel the way I did four years ago walking through there.” – Paulie. “There’s a little distance, emotionally.”

Jr. and Sr. begin to discuss making a production bike together, which could be a good idea. I’ve always been surprised OCC didn’t have one. (According to an info screen, they had one in 2005.) And they even discuss Paulie throwing the chair across the room four years ago with a smile and a laugh. They really have progresses. And they make fun of how fat Jason has gotten, which was a plus.

This professional poker player is named Jason Pohl. He needs to change his name.

So Cody, for the third week in a row, screwed up. He messed up the wiring, mis-measuring and running them in the wrong place.  He is still learning, he’s still young, but he has to pick up his game. And he has to not get an attitude.

Meanwhile, the new PJD Studios is coming along nicely. That’s where Paulie is going to shot the commercial for the OCC Cafe.

Both bikes for both companies are moving right along and little by little each week, it seems to me that they are adding more focus to the builds. Not as much as there used to be yet, but it is creeping back in. I don’t mean the guys doing nonsense around the builds, I mean a little more (just a little) of the technical aspect that used to be in the show.

At 9:45 it gets interesting. Both companies got to gether at OCC. A lot of the PJD guys have bad memories of their time at OCC. For some others, it was a little bit of a reunion with former coworkers. None of them know what is going on. They stood in two lines across from each other, which reminded me of the WWE WCW Invasion angle. (Google it- it was full of potential but the execution was lousy.)

So how did the news of the joint projects go over? No one seemed happy.
“I don’t want to work for OCC.” -Cody.
“I don’t know what (Paulie) will want from me.” – Jason.

By “coincidence,” Vinnie was on vacation during this get-together. Hmmm. I smell drama.

American Chopper (Season 9)
Episode 1

Seriously? So this was the season finale and next week is the season premiere? Do seasons mean anything any more?

Fun With Teh Internets: BACON PORN

22 Oct

October 22, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you probably lost your mind when you saw this story not too long ago about a possible bacon shortage  Furthermore, if you’re anything like me, you probably ran down to the supermarket to go full on hoarder mode and grab as much as you could squirrel away for either the coming shortage, or the zombie apocalypse, whichever would come first. Hopefully you weren’t anything like me, knocking down a pregnant woman grabbing for that last package in a meat-fueled frenzy. I blame my dad really. When I was a kid he cooked me bacon sandwiches – delicious crispy bacon on white bread w/ spicy brown mustard. Swear to god, I never had anything so good before or since.

Thankfully, the bacon shortage has been avoided! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So now we’re free to gorge ourselves on greasy-nitrate filled meat products until our hearts gum up or burst, whichever comes first.

So today, I present to you, the best of bacon. You’re welcome!

Today’s Search:  AWESOME BACON

Number Five:Just a reminder to you all – Thanksgiving is coming. Liven up that crappy dry turkey with bacon deliciousness.  Hell, who needs the turkey???

Number Four:

This is quite possibly my favorite survival product EVER. And this is coming from a guy who watched “Doomsday Preppers” for tips. I mean look at this beauty:  BACON IN A CAN. WITH A MILITARY RIFLE ON THE LABEL. Excuse me while I break out in a spontaneous National Anthem………

Anyway, if you want to live the high life while in the bunker, you can add tactical bacon to your survival cheeseburger:


I’ll be honest – just off the picture, I can tell you I’ve had worse burgers.

Number Three:……………****DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL****……………….

It’s been awhile since our pal made an appearance, but I think we’d be remiss if he was excluded from the fun:


Number Two:

That’s right…..dessert bacon! This beats the hell out of plain old apple pie any day of the week.  But for those of us who don’t have time to bake and need our desserts on the go:


Number One:

Bacon Faberge eggs!!!!!!!  Now this is art I can get behind! None of this Van Gogh or DaVinci horsepucky.  At any rate, I’m going to cook myself a few bacon sammitches now. Here’s a preview of how it will all turn out for me:


Good for me! The pig…….not so much. It’s good to be at the top of the food chain (except for that Gorilla with the sign language skills…I’m pretty sure he could make us his b*tches if he really went for it)

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