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Imponderable #64: Singapore

12 Oct

October 12, 2012

Before you read this, I want you to know that there were hundreds of comments after this article, many claiming that it was photoshopped or a fake, but the vast majority defended it under various grounds and reasons. For my own two cents, I believe it. I’ve seen many worse baby names.

In the comment section that followed, it was pointed out by some that the name “Suparman” is a common name in Singapore. True or not, I’m going to ignore that in favor of humor.

Who would name their son Batman? No one claimed that Batman is a common name in Singapore so I assume that it was deliberate. Why would anyone do that? Why open up your son to a world of teasing and schoolyard bullying?

Of course, maybe he really is Batman, son of Superman. Really nice of Superman to name his son after his best friend. And with DC’s habit of rebooting their titles and franchises, this could be the next Batman secret origin.

Why would anyone name their son “Batman son of Superman”?

The question is Imponderable.

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