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Sneak Peek Plus! 10/22/12

21 Oct

October 22, 2012

This week, Mr. Keyes goes culinary, I’ll post an addendum to the recent Batman Week, and Frankenstein makes an appearance. Plus The Imponderable, Saturday Comics, and The American Chopper Weekly Rundown.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, check out a pair of Paul Teutul impersonators. First, from out very own archives, the Indian Paul Teutul:

I can NEVER get enough of this guy!

Next, from some commercial or show or other, is Old Flabby Paul Teutul:

And lastly, a bit of business left over from the recent Picture Postcard: The Jack-o-Lantern Avengers.

I mentioned in the comments that there were Count Chocula and Frankenberry pumpkins but I didn’t post them because the pictures did not come out very good. Well yada yada yada, I said I’d stick them in the Sneak Peek of the Week, so here you go:


And now a problem. The character I thought was Count Chocula is not count Chocula at all. Here is the real Chocula. HINT: He is the short one.

So who is this cartoon vampire impersonator? Any idea? Any clue? I have no guess.

Know who this is? Leave a comment below if you can identify this soft-cheeked blood sucker.

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