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Imponderable #66: Michigan

26 Oct

October 26, 2012

Tonight’s Imponderable is beautiful in its simplicity. Unlike many of the items the Imponderable has featured, this is one I wished I thought of myself.

I wonder what the American Restroom Association’s position is on this? I write about toilets all the time here at Just put “toilet” into the search bar atop the page and see what I mean. From tribal villagers who choose cell phones over toilets to little children who dream of commodes for Christmas I’ve covered it all. But for once, I am all aboard on one.

This is a great business model. The owner of the restaurant/arena/building gets free toilet paper, thus saving money. The advertisers pay based on the distribution, which is the same model that the free newspapers at your local grocery store use. It is a proven successful model. And probably likely to be more successful. While you can stroll past those freebie papers at the end of the checkout aisle, sitting in the bathroom stall you are a captive audience. And who doesn’t read on the toilet? While I certainly want to spend as little time as possible on a public toilet, there have been time when I would have been bored enough to read the toilet paper. Sure, I am always complaining about rampant advertising and the fact that it is getting impossible to avoid dumb ads, I think this is too perfect a marriage to object too.

And who would not want to wipe their ass with a picture of one of the guys running for President?

Why didn’t I come up with this idea?
The Question is Imponderable.

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