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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: No Cameras

23 Apr

April 23, 2012

NO CAMERAS April 23, 2012
Junior and Senior ditch the cameras and finally meet face-to-face to discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, at the shops, OCC finishes a bike for MyPillow and PJD starts a build for MLB outfielder Aaron Rowand.

Those Miami uniforms are UGLY.

PJD is doing what I hope will be  a very cool baseball-themed bike for Aaron Rowand while OCC is finishing up the MyPillow 1970’s chopper. The Rowand bike is not a showbike, Rowand is going to ride it so it better be good. He’s looking for a cool bike, but the baseball stuff will be subtle.

Aaron was a pretty cool guy. He signed about a bazillion balls for Mikey and played wiffle ball with them in the shop, destroying one of Mikey’s paintings in the process.

The MyPillow bike, with Rick running the show (aside from Senior, of course) is coming along.  I hope you all notice how smoothly things run at OCC when Paulie steps back and Jason is M.I.A. but of course, we are all waiting to see what happens between Senior and Paulie.

Keep waiting. It is 9:27 and so far nothing.

Robb did a paint job on the MyPillow bike that he- seriously- almost had an orgasm over. He was that into it. What did I think? It looked like a fish, scales and all.

But when Robb got off the screen, showtime! The meeting is about to commence.

And so is the commercial. Another short segment.

When the show returns the meeting is over.

Paulie: “It wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t the worst thing ever… I want to be done with it… The meeting turned out to be more about setting ground rules than making any major changes in our relationship…. From this day forward we’ll just respect each other.”

Senior: “I thought things were gong pretty well then before I walked out the door he hit me with ‘I really don’t want a father and son relationship, let’s start with a business relationship’… I was looking for a little bit more than that.”

It was left that, at least, the lines of communication were left open. If Paulie is unhappy with something Senior does he’ll call his father, and if Senior is unhappy he’ll call his son. Senior sounded disappointed in the arrangement, Paulie seemed like it was more than he was willing to give.

Back at PJD. Mikey shot Cody with a taser. Sigh. At least Cody got $100 out of it.

Over at OCC, Senior put a wheel on backwards.

MIKEY OUT? April 30, 2012
OCC starts a build that will be unveiled to the prime minister of Malaysia, while PJD finishes a pimped-out bike for baseball player Aaron Rowand. And Mikey drops an unexpected bomb when he considers quitting the show.

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