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Tonight on Hardscrabble & Fist!

11 Apr

April 11, 2012

If you follow me on Twitter @bmj2k  you’ve seen me tweeting about my favorite TV show, Hardscrabble & Fist.

Hardscrabble & Fist was the best of the 1980’s detective/action genre. Everyone from Simon and Simon to Magnum PI owes this show a debt of gratitude.

Lee Horsley played Hardscrabble, a Vietnam vet turned detective. Using his FBI contacts, Hardscrabble never turned down a case or an attractive woman. His partner, Fist, was the tough guy of the duo. All-business, no-nonsense, Fist said little but made up for his silence with action. Together, Hardscrabble and Fist  could be counted on to rescue a kidnapped heiress, track down a counterfeiting ring, or defuse a Soviet nuclear bomb. And of course, after every case closed they retired to Hardscrabble’s houseboat where Uncle Joe Rascal always kept the beer cold and the women hot.

If you missed an episode of the show, check out my Twitter feed to get in on all the action.

Here are some classic clips of Hardscrabble & Fist in action:

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