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The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Eight

8 Apr

April 8, 2012

In last week’s three-hour show, Dee and Debbie got fired but the real story was when good guy Arsenio took all he could stand and more and unloaded on Aubrey with both barrels and I am sure there was not a single person in America who did not think that she deserved it. After some more fake tears she disappeared. will she be back this week? I hope not but I have a bad feeling she will.

This week starts where last week left off, and Lisa Lampinelli, of all people, attacked Arsenio for his language.  Seriously Lisa? You? Have you heard your own act?

“I had a mental breakdown when I saw Lou and Dayanna with the five brain cells between them come back into the room.” -Lisa, right before she attacked Lou with foul langauge.

And through it all, Paul Senior sat and ate fruit.

THE TASK: Commercials for

Long story short: Lisa fought with Lou and actually had good things to say about Dayanna. Wow. “Lou is strong, but what else has he got?”
Long story short part 2: Aubrey was slightly less annoying than usual, but not much, and when Ivanka came in she of course stuck herself in the spotlight. Not that she didn’t complain about the directing, about Arsenio, etc. She was still herself, just a little less so this week, and after last week, how else could it be? If she got more annoying your television would explode.

THE HIGHLIGHT: Paul Senior as a grey-haired, sweater-wearing, dignified father. With sleeves. American Chopper fans, insert your own commentary. The executive said he was the highlight of his team and I think they were right.


Dayana, if you lose, who should be fired? She would not say. Who was the weak player? Lou. He was very helpful but not creative.
Lisa agreed with Dayana and actually complimented her. Holy cow! Meanwhile, Lou sat there visibly shaking with anger. And them he attacked Lisa for being negative and confrontational, and for calling him a loser. Lisa for some reason thought Lou was physically threatening her, and that was a cheap shot. He clearly was not. One thing about Lou, say what you will about him on the task, he is a fierce fighter in the boardroom. Lisa is more and more abrasive each week.

Clay: “Teresa is the nicest woman on this side of the table.” Who is the other woman on that side of the table? Aubrey.

Teresa, who would you bring back to the boardroom? All five of them, and Trump reminded her that the last time that happened he fired two people.

Ivanka criticized Aubrey and also Teresa for not controlling her.

Paul, who is the star of the team? Clay. Paul seems to genuinely like him.

Clay, whose commercial was better? “Ours.” And it was. The other team did not even have the celebs in it.
Lou, whose commercial was better? “Theirs.” UH OH. Lisa: “That’s a Benedict Arnold turncoat thing to say.” “Penn brainpower-wise put you to shame.” The way it was edited Lou had no response but I would love to hear what they edited out because no way can’t imagine a fighter like him remaining silent.

“When Dayana and I agree you know you I am right. You added nothing, you have been sliding. yada yada yada…” She said she always gets the job done but remember- her teams lose very week!

THE WINNER: Teresa/Paul/Clay/Aubrey/Arsenio

I am expecting a Lou vs. Lisa boardroom smack down!

There are only four on the losing side: Lou/Lisa/Dayana/Penn so the question is not so much who will go back to the boardroom but who is the one person who will not?

Lisa “I did everything.” Don Jr: “But you lost.”

Penn kept his mouth shut 99% of the time except when he attacked Lou for not being a team player. Maybe the guy who left early should not talk about being a team player.

Dayana, who is going to escape? “I don’t know. Penn was away for the afternoon it would not be fair to bring him back. Lisa has such great skills.” And Trump pointed out that she has been losing for weeks. Penn skated leaving Lou and Lisa to slug it out.

Back in the suite, the winning team badmouthed Lou as well. Despite being a winning project manager, I think Lou’s time has come.

Ivanka: “I never really understand Lou’s arguments for… anything in here…”

Trump’s questions seemed to indicate that he was unhappy with Lou not supporting the team. Don Jr said the same thing before they returned.

Ivanka asked Lisa what Lou adds? Basically he carries stuff. Lou attacked Lisa as well but he is not able to talk as well as Lisa does. However, as I said from the beginning, he is very impressive in the boardroom. Don Jr (marginally) backed Lou.

Trump asked Lou if a case could be made to fire Lisa and he said yes but, unbelievably, said that Dayana should be fired. Ok, he is honest, but a tactician he is not. On the other hand, it did turn Trump’s attention away from him.


Lou, you’re fired. Like in The Godfather, you never go against the family.

“Take it back, I don’t want to be fired.”


Ivanka: “Lou dug his own grave in here.”

What do I think? With only three members, wait until Penn has to leave early again. He has now twice missed time on tasks. I rapidly lost a lot of respect for him. Before the show I expceted him to win it all, now I expect him to go home.


A puppet show. Yes, a puppet show.

Sneak Peek of the Week of April 8th, 2012

8 Apr

April 8, 2012


See you tomorrow for The Celebrity Apprentice!

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