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The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Ten

22 Apr

April 22, 2012

We lost Mr. Blog favorite Paul Senior last week. A moment of silence please.

Looking at the final seven, let’s see who has no shot at winning.
Penn? No. What has he done to distinguish himself?
Teresa and Dayana have each taken a lot of garbage this season, some of it deserved, some of it not. But look at them by themselves, neither has done much to stand out from the crowd.

Clay. Arsenio. Lisa. Aubrey. These should be the final four. My pick to win at this moment? Clay.

“I’m here for myself, I’m here for my charity, and I don’t have anyone’s back.” That was Aubrey setting the tome for tonight’s show even before the credits rolled.

THE TASK: Create an in-store display for Macy’s promoting a new fragrance in Trump’s line, Success by Trump.
THE PROJECT MANAGERS: Aubrey with Arsenio and Teresa vs. Clay with Lisa, Dayana, and Penn.

Everyone’s favorite George Ross is back tonight! Ok, he’s my favorite anyway.

Here is why Penn should not be the next Celebrity Apprentice: He backed out. He did not want to lead this task. So here is Clay as the project manager for the second time while Penn, who has not yet led, ran away because, as he said, he did not feel comfortable.

Clay: “Penn had an idea he was totally in love with. It made me wonder why I was project manager and not him, why did he not step up?” The problem was he did step up, in the brainstorming session, and it was all him. So again, why wasn’t he leading? Could this just be a plan to make Clay look weak?

On the other team, Aubrey pitched a theory to the Macy’s executives that proved that she had just totally ignored what they just finished telling her. All about her, as usual. “She pretty much wants to stick to what she thinks,” said Teresa, and that is really only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, what she thought came from a Donald Trump quote brought to her attention by Arsenio, but of course we all know that it was all her idea, in its entirety, every syllable.

“Aubrey had a great idea. She said ‘let me put my vagina on the back of your neck.'” That was Arsenio and if you did not see the show sorry, I am going to leave it to your imagination.

COMING UP AFTER THE BREAK: Aubrey tells Eric straight out that Arsenio  and Teresa were not creative and she came up with everything herself. I HOPE SHE LOSES SO SHE HAS TO GET FIRED.

And totally off-topic, the Dark Shadows commercial aired during the show and I could not be more disgusted with Tim Burton.

Back to the show. Lisa, surprisingly enough to Dayana, was helpful and calm. Maybe she just wore herself out last week.

On the other hand, “Arsenio and Teresa are just not helpful on this task.” “I thought of  million things, I was the only one by the way.” “Obviously my team members were not the most creative and had limitations.” “We’re a one man team, yes I said it.” “I’m really proud of myself because I am basically the one who came up with everything. I am a mini-Trump.” Yada yada yada.

Lisa on Aubrey: “I don’t want them to lose because I love her, but I don’t want to lose.” What kind of team spirit is that?

George came in and pretty much shit on Aubrey and her project. Good for the cranky old guy! “He was like the business Grim Reaper,” according to Arsenio.

The execs sitting through Aubrey’s demonstration were a mixed bag. One looked happy, the other looked sick.

During Clay’s presentation, the execs just left Clay out to dry. His speech was too short and when he asked for questions, all they said was “keep going.” Remember when Ralph would freeze up on The Honeymooners? That was how Clay felt.

10:14. The Boardroom

On Clay’s side, the boardroom was a love fest. Lisa put Clay in the top two project managers, Aubrey being the other. She can’t shut up and stop herself from complimenting the competition! She  even said she was envious of the other team’s display.

On Aubrey’s side, it started out as a love fest as well, but it will not last. Eric quoted her “one-man” statement and asked her to elaborated. “My team did not not (sic) help at all, that’s not what I am saying.” Arsenio: “I am not quite sure what that means.”

Trump said that Arsenio did not like being criticized, but he said that he did not like being minimized, which Trump seemed to appreciate. Arsenio pointed out that he found the Trump quote, and Aubrey leapt in and said no, she came up with it first, before Arsenio found the quote online. They went to commercial which is too bad because I am expecting Arsenio to explode. (After all, that was the tease in the commercials all week.) Too bad we don’t really get it.

THE WINNER: Team Aubrey. Boo.
I think on Clay’s team, only Dayana is safe since the only thing anyone liked about their display was the picture of her. They hated the motto You earned it, which was all Penn, and frankly most of the task is on his shoulders. That puts Clay in the cross hairs for being a poor project manager. It also seems to make Lisa safe this week.

GOING TO THE BOARDROOM: Clay, Penn, and… Dayana. Why? I am not sure. But it left Lisa able to go back to the green room and get strategy tips from her BFF Aubrey. Ugh.

It quickly seemed that bringing back Dayana was probably a mistake. She was knocked by Team Trump for being in the boardroom for the sixth time but she really did not deserve it this time. It is between Penn and Clay and I am leaning toward Clay being fired, much as I think Penn needs to go.

Dayana, who would you fire? “The project manager,” and I think that is how it is going to go down.

Penn, you’re fired. WHEW! Trump said he wanted to fire Dayana but he could not, said he wanted to fire Clay but he could not, and he fired Clay because in the end, he came up with the lousy slogan. And I am sure this is just a coincidence, but this week Penn was unavailable to tweet during the show.

NEXT WEEK: Dayana leads her team, Clay argues, Lisa cries.

Sneak Peek of the Week of April 22nd, 2012

22 Apr

April 22, 2012

Hey all. Enjoying The Celebrity Apprentice and American Chopper? Both shows are starting to get to the end. In fact, no one seems to know if this week is the season finale of American Chopper or not. I guess we’ll find out together.

Also this week, I will regale you with my personal experience with the worst pizza-maker of all time, I’ll share some of my brother’s letters home from his trip to Japan, The Imponderable will once again look at something called “art,” and Saturday Comics will look at another odd comic from my personal collection. 

See you next week!

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