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Imponderable #28: Germany

23 Dec

December 23, 2011

I know what you are thinking, that there are a lot of Imponderables that could come out of Germany. Lederhosen, for example. Why would anyone wear leather shorts? One the one hand, you wear shorts to stay cool. But on the other hand, leather is heavy and hot. I don’t get it.

Other German things I don’t understand are Oompah bands, lids on beer steins, and their David Hasselhoff fixation.

And I still don’t get why Hitler invaded Russia in the winter. Lousy tactics.

And now this, a short and sweet story from the land of Bavaria via News of the Weird: 

1- 528-pound woman.
2- 13-pound baby.
3- 14 children.

Who is schtupping that woman? HOW is he schtupping that woman? All 528 pounds of her!

And oh, yeah, she named the baby Jihad, which in one definition means “struggle.” This woman seems to not struggle in either her fights with food or sex. How ironic.

What kind of amazing personality must a 528-pound woman with 14 kids have?

The question is Imponderable.

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