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Spotlight: Jessica May

8 Dec

December 8, 2011.


As the special Mob Week three weeks comes to an end, I look back and find that, without exception, I am very happy and proud of every single thing I posted. You’ll read my profuse and heart-felt thank you’s tomorrow, but right now I have to single someone out.

I am touched, truly touched by this song. Oh, it isn’t because of the lyrics, which you will recognize, but because I know the effort that went into it. I know how hard it was to carve time out of an already hectic schedule to do this. I know the trouble that went on behind the scenes getting it to sound just right. I feel honored and I feel proud and I feel happy that the lovely Jessica May went to such lengths to do this for me when (and I told her this) I totally understood if she didn’t participate. I feel good inside when I listen.

Every single person who sent me their efforts this week worked hard. Every single one deserves and has a special place in my heart, but I dare say that no one has touched me quite like Jessica May has. No one has written me a song before.

And in that vein, I find that I cannot write about it. It is no surprise, as I have said it many times before, that my musical vocabulary is lacking. I know what I like, but I don’t have the knowledge. I can appreciate the music on a certain level, but that’s not enough. So I turned to my good friend and musician Mac of BIOnighT, who generously wrote up this review of Jessica May’s version of New York, New York.

When I started listening I thought, “What the heck is this?” and “Couldn’t she just mix her voice in with the music?” Then I shifted my thinking from “conventional” to “unconventional” and I finally got it. If the voice had just been regularly mixed with the music, it would’ve been yet another karaoke-style recording of yet another would be singer. This is different: this has got personality and is simply brilliant! It isn’t just a song, it’s a picture. It’s not difficult at all to close your eyes and imagine this girl all alone in some motel room or some small, poor house, listening to the radio and singing to herself. Lots of clues are included within the thunderstorm to figure out where she is: cars, trains, crickets. This place where she is dreaming of New York is no big city, no excitement for her here. You can even imagine her hairdo and clothes, the pictures on the walls, the furniture. She is sad, and you can’t help wondering what the reason is, what she wishes she could change in her life.

 Jessica May’s voice is very nice, with a wide range and very good intonation (only a good voice can afford to keep the music so far back in the mix, otherwise the result would be horrifying to say the least).

Thanks Mac.

Jessica May says of her song, My inspiration is old, but with a new spin. The song you will know, but the atmosphere is kinda like if a sad hobo lady was travelling by way of a New Orleans funeral procession to New York. haha. I hope that makes SOME sense.

She’s one of the Flash Pulp folks, a better trio you’ll never find.
You can find her music at

Please listen and enjoy.

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